put your hands together…

put your hands together…

    Don’t you  love the idea of a new start…

It is funny to me that I look at September as a new year…although the year is three-quarters gone…I suppose that with the ending of summer and the lapses in routine that it  possesses, autumn lends itself to starting again…tackling those areas that we want to achieve before year’s end.

Here we are on the cusp of a new year…another chance to start or continue…

I have posted my goals on this blog before…even giving monthly check in’s as well.  Some years have been stellar and some not so much.  I am not going to do that this year…in fact, I am going to share something that I hope each of us will try…giving others a round of applause…perhaps a bravo…

The day after Labor Day I decided to join Weight Watchers…it wasn’t something that I had thought a lot about before the day that I walked through the doors…I just announced to Carl the evening of the last holiday before school commenced that I was going to join…

Tuesday mornings have been a little gift that I have carved out  to work on an area that needed some assistance…and believe me…Weight Watchers is not your grandmother’s Weight Watchers…it has kept up with the times…but I digress.

This past  Tuesday, I was listening to a lifetime member voice some fears…I was sitting next to her and I was thinking to myself that I too was concerned at what the future might hold…the next moment, my leader said that before we adjourned she had an award to give out to….Helen.  The look on my face must betrayed my surprise  because she then said, “She doesn’t even know that she is getting an award today.”  She continued…” Helen has reached the 16 week mark of attendance…and in Weight Watchers studies show that if we can keep a member for 16 weeks straight, they are more likely to continue and reach their goal.  This charm shows hands of applause…a bravo for your commitment.”

Tears welled in my eyes as if God had taken my fleeting thoughts and turned them into a tangible piece of encouragement. 

I haven’t reached the goal but I am on the road because I have reached many mini goals…I have veered off a time or two as well but I have tried to get back on the path that I know I need to be on…a year is a long time…a long time to keep focused without feeling like you are moving in slow motion.

I encourage you to look back at the last year and give yourself a round of applause…look at those around you and if you see growth…tell them…write them a note…give them a hug.

If you feel growth has been at a standstill, then praise God that you are still keeping the faith…sometimes that can be a challenge in itself.  You can even ask someone who you trust and who knows you to tell you what they see in you…different eyes reveal new fruit…savor it and enjoy it.

I pray that 2010 will be more of moving towards the woman He has pictured in His mind…the one that He finds delight in.

I also pray that I will recede and He will be magnified…lately I see so much that is not like Him and that can be a bit deflating but at least now I know…so He can work…and I resolve to let Him do the work.

Bravo to you…a standing ovation to you fellow pilgrims…

Thank you to you faithful encouraging ones that continue to read and comment even when there is a shortage of posts…you are precious to me!  I am hopeful that I will be more regular than the last year…at least that is my hope…

Bless you in this year to come…



2 thoughts on “put your hands together…

  1. i love the idea of a fresh new year, the girls and i were just talking about the freshness of a new year and a chance to start afresh. I watched a show about some new year’s traditions the other day and one lady said that in their family they write on a piece of paper the things they want to leave behind them and burn them up. There are a few things i would like to leave behind me in the new year and not carry over into the freshness of 2010. So dear friend i will be starting a new fast, and a new prayer committment with my new year. I love how God makes everything new!!!


  2. There is something about the words new…fresh…just like fresh paint or a clean sheet of paper…we get to allow God to bring us to new places with Him and to leave behind that which left stains.

    Thanks for being a faithful friend and reader!


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