Memory Work…

Memory Work…

If you are anything like me, the discipline of memorizing scripture could probably use a lift from time to time.


I have returned to working on my scripture for 2009…the year is slipping away quickly.


I LOVE my index cards…how I wish that I owned stock in them but every now and then I need something different.


I am not sure where I stumbled onto this site but it has helped me so much.


The site allows you to paste your chosen scripture in one box and like magic your scripture appears in the box below transformed into just the first letter of each word in the verse(s).


This is what the beloved 23rd Psalm looks like when rendered by just the first letters of each word:


T L i m s, I s n b i w. H m m l d i g p, h l m b q w, h r m s. H g m i p o r f h n’s s. E t I w t t v o t s o d, I w f n e, f y a w m; y r a y s, t c m. Y p a t b m i t p o m e. Y a m h w o; m c o. S g a l w f m a t d o m l, a I w d i t h o t L f.


Did you say the scripture?  How cool is that…


I have printed out my scripture letters and at quick glance I was able to work through my verses.  God made our minds in such an incredible way…that means that we can learn in a variety of ways as well…perhaps a different technique will help lay down His Word deeply into our lives.


I think I will have plenty of time during our six hour Thanksgiving car trip…great timing indeed!


Happy memorizing,



3 thoughts on “Memory Work…

  1. Good stuff! One of the things that helps me is to put the scripture on pictures. I am a visual learner and if I can visualize the picture, I can remember the verse. (Usually.) Happy Thanksgiving, girl!


  2. Hi Karen…I hope you are feeling better…that flu…sorry that it caught you.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving as well…hopefully your sickness will be out of the way.


  3. So cool! I’m totally gonna check out that site – what a brilliant idea!

    Good to have you back in the blog saddle, Helen. You definitely should read War of Art. 🙂



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