We have a winner…

We have a winner…

Good morning…I am a little late getting this posted…

It has been a fun week of tea…I have loved reading all your comments on what your favorite hot beverage is…I even got an email from a friend that had tried the London Fog tea latte with a friend and they loved it as well.  Courtney and I have been making our own and we call them the Oregon Fog…and it has actually been a bit foggy some mornings here in Portland.  It has actually been a sweet time for us to brew our tea in a pot and relax during the evening together…a nice new ritual in the making…and a mini bonus…I don’t find myself wanting a snack…because the tea has been our dessert.

I was able to randomly give away some tea packets and it was a lot of fun as well…probably my favorite was to my neighbor who is a grandmother who has been caring for 4 grandchildren…she gets so little rest…when I asked her if she liked tea…her eyes sparkled and I ran inside to get her a package…I told her to put her feet up once the kids are all at school…she said…I’m not waiting…I’m doing it now!  God has redeemed my drawers and brought a little cheer to spread around.

Now down to business…I thought I would ask Caleb to pick a number between 1 and 12…first he picked 13…then I asked him again trying to explain it better so he picked 1000…

So…it must take a high school education, so once I returned from dropping Caleb the number guy at school…I asked Carlen who had just returned from her 7am math class…can you say ugh…but those numbers were churning around her brain and she was happy to pick a number…so the winner of the giveaway is:



That number corresponds to Kierstan…

So congratulations Kierstan…no mailing needed…I will bring it to you on Monday at Bible study…sorry I am adding a few teas to your drawer…

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading A Work of Heart…you all make my day!


Note…I was just going to press publish when my phone alerted me of a new email…it was a comment from Gayle…who actually would be comment number 13…is Caleb prophetic…anyway, send me your address Gayle and I will send you a package of teas…you can email me at  wassuphelen at yahoo dot com. 


6 thoughts on “We have a winner…

  1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you Caleb!! How fun to read that at the end of your post!! I am so excited. Thank you. =) I’ll email you my address.



  2. Helen,

    This is funny! Now my tea drawer is really full.
    Guess what I will be serving every Monday? 🙂

    Thank you so much, I can’t wait for Monday night!

    Have a super duper weekend.

    Enjoy the sunshine!!!


  3. Helen i like the orange and yellow heart painting at top of your blog.
    Hey could you tell me how you make your tea latte’s? i can make the earl with lavendar part but what else do you use?


  4. Helen, I never was a tea drinker until a few years ago. Just recently, I discovered a delicious cut tea at a tea house around the cornor from my home. It is called Savannah and has chocolate, almond, and vanilla flavor! Yum!!!

    Anyhow, sorry I missed your give-away. I’ve been busy getting my new business up and running with Premier Designs jewlery and not doing as much blogging. At least with this I’ll still be a SAHM, just out one or two nights a week for jewelry shows. We’ll see how the Lord leads with this to help supplement our family income. There have been cutbacks at my husband’s work, Praise God he still has a job, but they are cutting way back on overtime.

    Oh and I just found out 3 devotionals I wrote will be in a new book coming out in April – Praise the Lord! Can you believe I submitted those way back in July of 2007? I’ll be letting people know about the book when the time comes. I wish my writing could pay the bills, but at $20 a devotional and about one book a year going out, that’s not much of an earthly profit, I’ll just let God lay up those treasures in Heaven 🙂 Those are the treasures that last!!!

    Anyhow, God bless and stop on by my site soon. I have two special guest authors on my site today talking about the topic of raising boys!



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