What I did this afternoon…

What I did this afternoon…

I spent some time this afternoon writing a post…this is not that post.

I pressed “save draft” and went to assemble dinner.  My mind wandered to what I had been writing…not very well, I might add and God said…



“Not now…maybe later.”

So that post…if it is supposed to be published will be just that…maybe later.

But I was going to tag a little something on to the tail end of that other post…so here it is…thus the incredibly original title to this post.

On Friday, I visited a Starbucks with a couple of girlfriends.  I wanted to try their new drink London Fog Tazo Tea Latte…my all time favorite tea is Earl Grey and this drink is a combination of Italian Bergamot, lavender and vanilla…our server was so nice and gave each of us gals a couple coupons to try their new tea lattes…they passed but I was overjoyed…it was divine!  Check out your Starbucks and you might be able to get your hands on a free coupon and a special card for $2 tea drinks after 2pm. 

Anyway, I got to thinking…I wonder if I could duplicate this at home…so I opened my tea drawer…I actually have two…and inside I found this…my friend Kim had given me a can of this wonderful tea awhile back…I had forgotten…since becoming more of a coffee drinker, I have much neglected tea.  Last night, I brewed a pot of tea, heated up some fat-free half and half added a packet of Splenda and made my own tea latte…alas no foam but it was really yummy.

I have a lot of tea…I won’t go into details but it was a lot…they are skinny drawers but nonetheless…I am not sure if I heard that there would be a shortage of tea soon or what but it was a bit embarrassing.  I won’t even try to go into excuses…I just have overbought and underused this item.  But instead of staying amongst my shame of so much when many have so little…I made these today…


I had myself a little tea party…

I made these little tea packets…each contains a variety of about 10 tea packets and the ones on the bottom just contain assorted green teas.  I used leftover letter stickers and had fun.  I am going to give them to neighbors or friends or anyone who could use a lift…Courtney is going to give a couple to her tea loving friends and I am sending some to work with Carl for his co-workers. 

Now one drawer is empty…the other drawer holds the teas that we drink most often…Earl Grey of course, Earl Grey Green which is wonderful, the Earl Grey with lavender, some mint, some bedtime tea, a little chamomile, some peach tea and that’s about it.

I have been really…I mean a really big winner lately in giveaways…so in that spirit…I am giving away a  packet of my tea assortments



For the Love of God by D.A. Carson Volume 1

I talked here a bit about how I am reading through the Word this year…this book has the program of taking you through the Old Testament once and the Psalms and New Testament twice.  Each day there is a one page reading based on one of the places you have read…I am using the second volume but have a brand new volume one waiting for someone.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite hot beverage is and you will be entered to win…that simple…I will choose a winner the morning of January 16th…

So please enter…I am off to heat up the tea kettle and curl up with a good book…


14 thoughts on “What I did this afternoon…

  1. Hi Helen,
    Checking to see if I can figure out your blog… it looks easier, yeah!

    Roast is in the oven and Kelly’s on his way home.

    Read Esther this morning and got my word list… lots of words seem to come to me… I may read it again before choosing. Need to let the rest of the group know.
    Happy to have the opportunity to get to know you more! This past year’s studies and relationships (with others pursuing a closer life with our Creator) have been so GOOD.

    Love and hugs,

    Hi to Carl!


  2. I love Earl Grey tea! I tried the Londong fog on Sunday and was very, very happy. =) I love the little tea packets you made. What a creative idea!



  3. My favorite tea is a soy vanilla chai. I prefer it with lactose milk but the only place that has lactose milk is Providence Hospital. Because I like my tea at home I have found a tea that is vanilla chai tea by Bigalow (I think) and by Good Earth. Some lactose milk and a little sweetner and it’s good. Helps me get thru the day. I also like Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla Carmel, just about all the flavored teas. I don’t drink coffee so I drink a lot of different kinds of teas.


  4. My favorite hot beverage is during the Christmas holiday…an eggnog latte. I had my last one yesterday at Starbucks. I just bought some decaf green tea…time to get healthier in the new year!

    PS ~ Loved the photo of Caleb in the snow!


  5. Hi Helen,

    I had to stop by your blog and check it out.
    I will be reading from my phone today. 😉

    I am now a coffee drinker, but have more tea then I can use. I think this is the year to use more tea. LOL

    Gotta be in the shower in one minute…bye!


  6. Even though I drink coffee in the morning(trying to wake up enough to drive kids to school in the pre-dawn hours), my passion is for tea and one of my favorites right now is the tea from the Empress Hotel in Victoria BC. Now I did not get to actually have tea at the Empress Tea House but a friend of mine did and was so kind to bring me back a box of tea from there and it is truly yummy. And since you are writing your confessions of your tea drawer Helen, I must confess I still have some of the loose tea you gave me from Mighty Leaf tea sampler(remember that?) and I only have this still in my cupboard because I am usually to much in a hurry to take the time to make a cup of tea from loose tea leaves. There, that is my confession of the day and I feel so much better for having shared that! I love your blog Miss Helen and thank you for sharing from your heart.


  7. The tea bags are darling! I am just now starting to appreciate tea as one of my teenagers is really into it. I am anxious to try the new Starbuck’s drink…I always default to a venti latte with 2 splenda, and maybe with the new year, I should branch out a bit! Love ya and your site!


  8. hey you forgot the earl grey with lavendar!!! that is my favorite tea. I also love non fat vanilla latte’s. Now that we are pinching penny’s I only get one for a special treat like working as a preschool aid for 8 hours!!!!


  9. Having grown up in Canada, I do love tea. Those Starbucks London Fog teas are great. I have them make mine with sugar free vanilla syrup and skim milk – a “skinny fog.”
    That’s my current drink. Love all things latte, actually.

    Enjoy your brew!


  10. Helen, those are so cute! What a great idea. We have quite the tea assortment, including some from Palestine that my daughter loves, since she went there a few years ago. The only problem is she drinks it only once or twice a year. I love darjeling and lady grey myself, but truthfully, I’m a big coffee drinker now, due to the convenience–I make a pot for Mike in the morning. I did just find a great teapot for loose tea, and I am enjoying more of my cans of loose tea. You are so creative in many ways. Hope you are staying warm in your heart as well as your house! Love you, Annette


  11. I am growing into a tea person and I am more surprised than anyone. I drink it daily. Orange Spice is my favorite tea, Peppermint Mocha my favorite coffee drink, and just good black coffee on most days. I loved your little tea packets. 🙂


  12. I like hot tea when my throat is sore or a cold is approaching. Since I am not a tea expert, I usually grab whatever is in the cabinet at the time. (which could be as old as my grandmother.) Other than that, a nice hot cider or hot chocolate makes my heart happy.


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