I started reading through the Bible again this year.  I thought that I would “take a break” after finishing cover to cover but I was wrong…I am glad that I was.

I am not reading it chronologically although that was incredible.  I am following the M’ Cheyne’s  calendar of daily readings.  Last year, I missed being in the New Testament regularly.  This reading program takes you through the Old Testament once and Psalms and the New Testament twice in the course of a year.  Each day has a reading from 4 places in the Word…or you can cut this in half and make it a two year plan.  God has been teaching me that I need to be thankful for the gift of time but I don’t have to rush…the Christian life is a journey and journeys are not sprints.  There are so many ways to be in His Word…perhaps you want to focus on different books of the Bible and really take your time and study a book at a time.  Maybe there is a certain word that keeps coming up…do a word study. Whatever and wherever God leads you…immerse yourself in His Word. 

My friend Cheryl is reading the Word this year using the Message and she has such enthusiasm that I decided to break out my old copy and use it as well for my daily readings.  How many times have we begun the year reading Genesis?  It can seem so familiar…but reading it in a different translation can make it come alive.

Yesterday I read this in Genesis 5:

“Enoch walked steadily with God” (v. 24)

I am used to the NIV translation of “Enoch walked with God”…but adding the word steadily made me think.

When this life is over, will these words be said of me…that I walked steadily with God.  I don’t want a walk that is tossed by lots of drama…there may be drama in my life but I want the steadiness of my walk with Him to be evident…His steadfastness to me overrides all that might try to shift my focus.

I like to rush…sometimes it is necessary to avoid being late…other times it is just a habit.  I have expressed that I have problems with both knees…at times they are extremely painful.  In December I found my hobbling more pronounced because I was trying to walk just as quickly as I used to…it was not possible…it was foolish…I hurt myself further. 

Today and for the last few days…my knees have improved a great deal…as Caleb and I were walking to  his school’s front door this morning, he stopped and said from BEHIND me…Mommy, you are walking so fast! 

 He is used to waiting for me a lot these days because I can’t keep up with his spry legs…okay using the word “spry” really makes me feel old but I am sticking with it…but as I looked at Caleb and agreed with his pint sized assessment, I realized that I had pushed aside the months of aching legs in an instant and returned to my normal routine without batting that proverbial eyelash.  Were we running late…no, we were early…there was no need to rush…no need to risk setting my progress back…I needed to take my walk slow and steady…embracing gratitude. 

Today I could have walked at a gentle and even pace with Caleb…held his hand…carried on a light conversation with him…but instead I forged ahead at great speed.

I want to walk steadily through my life…with others…with God…throughout my day.  I want to rise to meet Him not to have something to check off my “to do” list but as my first thought…longing…inclination for the day…a day that begins and extends with Him…walking steadily with my God.  I don’t want to miss being with Him because I have made him routine.

Will you slow down and take a leisurely walk with the Savior with me?

5 thoughts on “Steady…

  1. OK…this is one of countless reasons that I am so glad that we are friends! I read the very same verse, but I didn’t get ALL of this out of the word ‘steadily’. I think it’s great:) and I’m so glad that I have you to add the treasures that I missed! I have so LOVED my reading time…it’s like a new story even though it’s been read many, many times. Thanks for sharing your insight!


  2. This was one of my favorite selections last week but I love how the word “steadily” is added. I tend to miss a lot along the way because I have my eyes focused on the destination, not the journey.

    I hope your day is wonderful!


  3. I love The Message! (Toben was the publisher for The Message at NavPress for a while, so I am always pleased when other people love it too!)

    And I love the idea of “steadily”–not in spurts and stops, but one foot in front of the other at a constant pace.

    Much love,


  4. “steady” speaks to me also, as we navigate through life with Christ. “Fits and spurts” has been my pattern to date, so in my pursuit this year, incorporating “steady” is a practical, much needed practice. I always love what you derive from His Word. And I might pull out my old copy of the message too. It keeps things from getting too familiar (and easy to overlook nuggets) Hope you are off to a grand start for 2009. Love, Annette


  5. Oh and what a lovely routinue spending time with our Lord is – Amen my sister!

    I read through one year this way – some of the O.T., some of the N.T., a short Psalm and Proverb. I loved it 🙂

    Oh and I’m having a book give away contest. Feel free to stop by and enter and spread the word to friends!

    God bless,


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