A New Favorite…

A New Favorite…

I haven’t done “a few of my favorite things” in quite a while…I thought I would share with you about a new favorite to me…it may be an old favorite to you!

Last night, I had coffee with my friend Karen and after we chatted for awhile, we took our 20% coupons here.  More about the coupon at the end.

I had embarked on organizing Caleb’s toys this week…and I had made wonderful progress but needed a few new places to contain this new found efficiency.

I was so surprised by The Container Store…I had not been to one in a really long time and actually I believe that I may have memories of Storables.  Not only did I find plenty of options for organizing all my stuff…but I was surprised by all the gift wrap, gift boxes, containers for goodies to give away, and lots of fun doodads…

With these money crunching times, I am trying very hard to resist impulse buying and I would say that I did really well. 

In honor of this season of thanksgiving…I am giving thanks for The Container Store…and in the pictures to follow…you will see a little bit of my fall/thanksgiving mantle as well.

This is what I brought home:


This is what was in the bags:


I bought 4 small boxes and 1 shoebox box…for a grand total of a few pennies over 7 dollars…it might be a little more where you live as in Oregon we do not have sales tax.

Behold the container magic…and yes, it will be difficult to contain yourself…ha:

This jumble of crayons…


became this…


Noah’s twosomes now have a place to inhabit…





Casting our line now…will catch all those fun card games…


And what about what Caleb affectionately calls his “guys”…



I think by organizing and relocating “lost” treasures…our resources have been maximized.

If you are in the mood for a little bit of organization…check out this link for 20% off at The Container Store until November 30th.

Happy Organizing…it feels good!


5 thoughts on “A New Favorite…

  1. Great! I am inspired by these photos. I recently purchased 4 long and flat containers to go under all of the beds in the house to place sheets in. This will afford us more space in the linen closet which was becoming overstuffed. Now each bed won’t have its sheets mixed up with the wrong sizes in one closet!


  2. Hey Helen,
    Love the pics with the items in the boxes! Nice work! The part about Caleb’s “guys” was really funny. Ah, boys…! Now, even though I’ve been organizing, I’m more encouraged to get at the stuff I’ve been avoiding! We have to go shopping again…! (Before the 30th…that’s the end of this week! Yikes!)
    Karen L.


  3. Yea for you and Caleb’s ‘guys’. I love to get all the pieces put into place…it’s time for me to just do it and quit dreaming about it.


  4. Helen,

    It’s such a great feeling when you get things organized. We just cleaned out basement and I am going to get some containers for the nails, screws and other little do-dads. Thanks for the container info.



  5. Hi Hellen!

    How fun to see your kiddo’s dinosaurs and color crayons finding their own happy homes! I appreciated your comment on my blog, and your sweet words. I remember earlier this year when a woman at our church shared about the importance of ORGANIZING. I was so inspired after her message that I came home and emptied closets and cupboards . . . put “like things” together . . . and then gave everything a place. But the best part came a few weeks later as I had this same lady come over and help me organize my jumbled thoughts and dreams and daily disciplines. It took a process to “dump them all out” . . . evaluate what God wanted me to keep, or give away, or to let go of . . . how to better “group” similar projects of my life together . . . and how to put them back in a way to be more effective for God’s kingdom.

    So . . . all that to say that I enjoyed looking at your lovely filled organizers!!! YAY!!!

    Blessings to you!


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