A Meme…and a Reminder…

A Meme…and a Reminder…

Happy Friday!

Please don’t forget to enter the book giveaway on the post called Clinging.  I will be drawing the blessed winner’s name on Saturday at 5pm (PST).  I should be home from Caleb’s new best buddy’s birthday party by then…or should I say superhero party.  His friend Rhys is having a superhero party and his mom is making each child their own cape in their favorite colors with their initials on it…wow…do I feel like the lame mom…I am doing well if I remember to do goody bags!  I have re-entered the birthday party realm…yet again!

My friend Annette at Annie’s Eyes shared this meme and I thought it seemed like a fun one to answer on a Friday.

Here goes…

What is your writing process?  I don’t know that I have a set in stone process.  Usually a thought or even a single word will pop out during reading the Word and my mind just starts churning.  I could be in the shower and bingo…I have a piece written in my head.  Sometimes I see something that impacts me.  Whenever I can, I grab paper and pen and write notes.  I used to always write everything out long hand…in fact, I didn’t think that I could write pounding keys…I felt that writing was a much more visceral process (doesn’t that sound like I know what I am doing…ha!) but I have been pleasantly surprised that God still moves on the keyboard as well as the pen.  Many times when I have so many ideas in my head, I bubble…or what many call making a mind map and that helps me so much…I wrote my entire last post from a bubble.  I often have so many thoughts right before I fall asleep and I can’t say how many times I was sure I would remember them in the morning and I don’t have the slightly recollection…it is so hard to get out of  a warm bed and write things down…but when I feel an urgent need and know that I can’t go back to sleep…I grab my pen.  I think the best process is just to write…a lot and often.  I love the process of blogging because it is like a conversation and I feel freed from making sure every sentence is grammatically correct and that frees me from my need for perfection.  My most difficult writings have been the cover to cover posts…they take a lot of time…it takes hours to complete one…worth it but it still take a great deal of time.

What are your greatest creative inspirations?  God is the Creator so He is the source of all creativity…I have no doubts about that…anything of any worth is from Him…so the Word, my children, nature and words provide most of what spurs me to write.

What are your greatest creative barriers?  Not spending enough time with the Lord…or not being in the Word.  Fatigue…not having enough time alone…fear…the inner dialogue that no one will get what I am trying to say…that every word is rubbish…the more vulnerable I am the more terrified I feel.  There is that delicate balance especially when writing on a blog where you want people to read “your” work yet you feel prideful and needy…the desire to be a servant to the craft and but it feels like your undoing. 

What is your favorite word?  I love words so I have many but since I have nearly typed this word 5 times in this meme, I would say “resonate”…i love that word.  Oh and I have to add the word…glorious…I have said it a lot this autumn with good reason. 

What is your least favorite word?  I am changing this to “least favorite phrase”…I do not like “…at the end of the day…”  I can’t tell you how much I do not like this phrasing…it has become such an insidious response…

What sound or noise do you love?  I love the sound of my children laughing…individually or collectively…especially Caleb…he sounds like how Snoopy and Woodstock sound when they bust out laughing…it is so precious…I also love the sound of crunching leaves underfoot.  The frothing of soymilk for my latte…the Word of God preached well…the sound my phone makes when I have a new email. 

What sound or noise do I hate?  Snoring…sarcasm…crows…tires screeching…whining…incessant complaining.

Song/Band/Type of music you would risk injury to turn off when it comes on the radio?  I hesitate to say this but You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone…when I was in high school, I participated in the Junior Miss program and we had to do one of our routines to this song…after weeks of practice and it playing over and over the day of the program…I am just done with it for ever.

Best show on TV?  Because this show makes me smile and because every recipe I have ever made from this show has rocked…Barefoot Contessa…Ina Garten is the bomb…I want to be her neighbor and have her prepare me a meal at her home or I would take the beach as well.  Anyway, just the thought that she is cooking in my living room while I am in my kitchen makes me feel like I am in the midst of my own cooking show despite our very different menus. 

Favorite movie?  It is not possible to pick one…Chariots of Fire, The Sound of Music, Sense and Sensibility, Duplex,The Prestige, The Pursuit of Happyness, Facing the Giants, Terms of Endearment, Legends of the Fall, Babette’s Feast, The Lord of the Rings,The Trouble with Angels, Anne of Green Gables,  Akeellah and the Bee…I could go on…now if that is an eclectic list…

Favorite room in your house?  my living room especially before the house awakes and the only sound is Hazel snoring at my feet and the coffee perking and depending on if I am up really early…the newspaper landing on our porch…at other times, it is because we are all piled into the room with our various joys, quirks and frailities…in front of the fire…living out life together. 

Best concert? Back in the day Amy Grant with just a stool and a guitar…and when Michael W. Smith was her opening act…bonus points if you can find my post thanking Amy Grant…I wish I could say Keith Green but that would be Carl’s experience not mine…I am holding out for heaven…also I loved seeing Margaret Becker…the Big Voice tour with Crystal Lewis, Bryan Duncan and Anointed…during my college days…Journey was a great concert that actually came to my small town…yes, I used to rock…it has been awhile since I have been to a concert but I know that I have missed a lot that I would have loved to have gone to.  Oh…I did see Third Day…you see, I still like to rock!  For the most part, I have really dated myself but there you have it…

Brass or strings?  My preference would be piano but if I had to pick it would probably be strings.

If you could put anything on a t-shirt, what would it say?  …yet I will praise You…

The best part of being your age?  a little more experience…and it must be getting closer to when He returns…don’t you think?!

Favorite Girl Scout cookie?  Peanut butter patties…are they called Tagalongs…I can’t remember I just inhale them…that is why I will not allow that type in my house anymore….but if I did, there should be more in a package…like in sleeves like the Thin Mints…not that I have spent much time thinking about this mind you…wink wink.

Poker, Gin, or Bridge?  Does anyone play bridge anymore?  I learned to play bridge in high school and I loved it.

Shower or bath?  Often…actually I prefer a shower.

Favorite pajamas?  I love Target pajamas.  I have one pair that I love that has strawberries and flowers all over it and another pair that has state logos all over it.

Nightmare job?  I know that someone has to do this job and for that I am thankful…but I would not enjoy being the person that hauls away port-a-potties…I am sure they are seriously underpaid.  I also would not like to be in the returns department on December 26th.

Talents I wish that I had?  I wish that I could draw more than just stick figures…just imagine how much more fun Pictionary would be…I also wish that I had a decent singing voice.

Dream vacations?  I would love to go to Fiji for some serious secluded time beholding all that beauty.  I would also love to show Carl Greece and Italy…two places that are yummy to the eyes and tummy.

What is on my nightstand?  My CD alarm clock, box of a variety of pens, A Diary of Private Prayer which I read but also is what I put in front of my alarm clock to block out the light ( I crave darkness when I sleep), a journal, my cell phone charging, my Nintendo DS charging, various random stuff, Bible and whatever book I am currently reading. Oh and my lamp.  And next to the table is my heating pad which is for all my aches and pains but most often it is a great help to warm up my side of the bed.

Three weird things about me?  I talk to myself all the time…and it seems to increase as I get older…I would love to say that I am really always in a dialogue with God but really it is just me.

Dovetailing on the first one, I excuse myself when I am in private…like when I burp or sneeze…yes, I have issues.  But I do value politeness.

It seems to me that EVERYONE loves bread pudding…I do not…just think about it…it is kind of weird.  But that’s just me…

Let me know if you decide to answer these questions on your blog…or if you don’t have a blog…leave a few of your answers in the comments…

Have a blessed weekend,



6 thoughts on “A Meme…and a Reminder…

  1. I loved getting to know you a little bit more. Good stuff. I am planning on doing this some time this weekend. Maybe. In between the zillion other things that need to be done.

    Oh, you need to post a picture of the superhero cape. It sounds so cute!



  2. I love your secrets for writing inspiration and I agree, Barefoot Contessa is the woman! I don’t watch TV much so mine should have been Food Network too. What a fun birthday party and why do some women seem to be able to show the rest of us up? I am laughing remembering the time I decided to make my kids’ Halloween costumes and each one cost about $40. I did it once. Thanks for sharing yourself. Love, Annette


  3. Hello Helen,

    What a fun format. I have a few quirks myself. I don’t like the kitchen counters full of clutter. My husband gets the coffee at 5:00-5:30 am(how sweet). Not! He does it because he has found me loading or unloading the dish washer while he ‘s laying in bed waiting for his first morning cup. I don’t seem to have the same burning desire to clean the rest of the house though. You are so respectful using your heating pad to warm up your side of the bed. I just stick my always icy feet under my husbands legs and then have the nerve to consider that cuddling. I think I am going to get the heating pad from Daniel before my husband builds a fence down the middle of our bed. Blessing to you.



  4. Karen,
    By now you have seen the picture of my superhero and you are correct…the bar has been raised to new heights…if you could have heard Caleb detail the adventure to his sisters last night with wide eyes of excitement…at least his birthday is already past…whew…one can only hope his memory dims.

    Hey there Nikki,
    Welcome…and I did check out your giveaway…I will definitely throw my hat into the ring…your blog looks really fun…and thanks for checking out mine…I hope you come back…soon!


    You are a better mom than I…I struggle with costumes in general…my children were such troopers by the hideous ones that I tried to make and little by little they learned that putting together their own was better but I feel badly that Courtney was a soccer player for years because she always had a uniform handy to get her through…her mom’s inept abilities.

    Hey Ann,

    Thanks for the comment…you will probably see that I switched back to my former design…I love the rainbow color cards but after I just wrote my post and viewed it…the font size is so small…it just looked daunting for anyone to want to read…so I am back to my fall look with bigger print.


    You crack me up…I don’t like counter clutter either and you know how small our kitchen is…so I am completely in agreement with you. Yes, perhaps a heating pad would be cheaper than lumber…a wise investment for the upcoming cold weather…heh heh!


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