Goodbye 4…Hello 5…

Goodbye 4…Hello 5…

Happy Birthday Caleb!

I always described you as such a yummy baby…
today you are just as delicious now that you are
no longer a babe…but a ever-growing boy!

I will always be thankful that God’s vision
included you when I blindly thought our
family was complete.

You put the capitol “J” in joy…you are so loved
our sweet Caleb Joseph!

Blessed birthday dear one!



6 thoughts on “Goodbye 4…Hello 5…

  1. Thank you all for the blessings towards Caleb.
    He was named Caleb as we wanted him to think big of God and have great confidence that with God all things are possible…hopefully he will shift from thinking that he can do all things…smile.

    Oh Ann, that sends shudders up and down my spine…so thankful that you have more years consumed to see that the 5th year was turbulent but all things have worked to the good!

    Whew…I hope Caleb’s 5th year is pretty uneventful!


  2. When one of our kiddos turned 5, we had no idea how eventful of a year it would be. He burned our house down (on accident, of course), got totally lost at a river (with helicopters searching for him), and fell out of a tree and needed surgery on a broken nose (and we had no health insurance). But God was still on the throne.

    Hope your kiddos 5th year is much better.

    (And this kid is now 22, in the US Marines, and doing awesome!)


  3. Every one of my kids LIVED for the day they would turn 5. It was like the start of a whole new world for them (though there really aren’t any significant changes in our family at 5…you don’t get to drive the car or stay up til midnight or anything). Still, I LOVE 5. And Caleb looks totally ready to tackle the half-decade mark in his life.

    Hope you’re feeling well, too, Helen!



  4. Oh, happy birthday wishes a day late. (although if your house is like mine, birthdays last up to a week sometimes!)

    How are you feeling? Better than before surgery, I hope. Praying for you and yours this day…



  5. Happy Birthday to Caleb. What a good looking guy! He just missed the kindergarten cut off here in Texas. What is it for your area? Hope you are feeling better each day. Saying a prayer for your family today. Love, Annette


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