**It doesn’t get much better than baseball
(Seattle Mariners) and cotton candy-consumed
during the last couple of innings-a sugar rush
combined with confined spaces…scary**

**Lots of  wave jumping, football playing and sand
castle building**

**To say that getting my three kiddos to take a
photo together was work…understatement…but
worth it…despite the varied expressions**

**The calm before…**

**the waves that carried my cell phone away**

**But when you are at the beach…all things material
seem to fade away…life is measured in how high
you can fly a kite…how cold the water feels against
your toes…shells discovered…constantly repeating
praises to the One Who Made It All…**

Cell phones lost: one…replaceable

Beach memories…immeasurable and priceless!

Enjoy these last days of summer,


3 thoughts on “Awe…

  1. What a fun day at the beach (minus the missing cell!) There must be something about that ocean and cell phones… mine got ruined a few years back when a wave swamped my bag. The tide came in and I didn’t move my beach bag quick enough 🙂

    It looks like you’re having a nice summer. I love all those precious pictures of your family! Beautiful!!! Take care and have a great weekend!



  2. Baseball and beach=awesome summer fun!
    I love the pictures of your beautiful kids and the thoughts of a kite on the beach. I take a vacation in my mind at the thoughts. So glad you had a wonderful family vacation. Love to you, Annette


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