TRUST…because I don’t know everything…(heavy sigh)

TRUST…because I don’t know everything…(heavy sigh)

*Jameson Square Park*-photo courtesy of  loreo

“Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.”

Proverbs 3: 5 (AMP)

Today is the first day of Carl’s vacation…it is also supposed to reach temperatures near 100 degrees!

We all got up early considering it was vacation…Carlen had to work…Carl and Courtney begun scraping the front porch for a painting project they are doing together…I watered plants…and Caleb rode his scooter…and otter pops were consumed way before mid morning!

Carl and I decided to take Caleb to this wonderfully terraced fountain/wading pool…complete with mini-waterfalls…

I have learned that I cannot tell Caleb of anticipated plans too early…or it is ALL that he will talk about…non-stop!  It makes sense…his 4 year old brain just can’t really comprehend hours, days, weeks…

We were all hot from our morning activities…I told Caleb that we were going to do something fun!

I asked him to go upstairs and get his swim suit…but Mommy I want to wear these shorts…Caleb, please go upstairs and put on your swimsuit…oh, alright…

Caleb returns with his swimsuit on…Caleb will you take off your shoes and socks and find your flip flops…Mommy, I don’t want to wear my flip flops…my shoes are fine…

Caleb can you trust me?  You can either wear your flip flops or your sandals…Okay, I will wear my sandals…

Each subsequent request was followed by his version of what would be better than mine.  We have been working on first time obedience big time this summer.

By the time the three of us were in the car, still hot and sweaty…it didn’t seem like so much fun…but I drove us away and as we  passed the fountain and Caleb got his first glimpse of the water soaked kids…and finally knew where we were going…I didn’t have to see his face…I knew he was smiling and craning his neck to see all the fun.

As I parked the car I said to my wee one…Caleb, that is why Mommy kept asking you to trust me…sometimes Mommy and Daddy know more than you do…sometimes you don’t know everything.

Oh, but Mommy I DO know everything!

Caleb even Mommy and Daddy don’t know everything!

As Carl and I sat and watched Caleb splash and run and climb with abandon…he would sit on top of the waterfalls or just lay back and let the water tumble over him completely…he was free and he was filled with joy…and he was cool.

It is a lot for a child of 4 to understand what it means to trust…I am a woman of nearly 44 and I still don’t have it down.

I wonder how many times God tells me to put on the right shoes and I scoff that the ones I am wearing feel just fine?

Perhaps He whispers that I need to change my apparel because I am going to be too hot or too cold…or I plain just need to get dressed and get going!

Maybe whatever I hear Him say…I would prefer to do the opposite…because I have my reasons…

What have I missed because I was unwilling to trust Him in the unknown?

Are there times that I am so anxious that God must delay telling me something good?

Or what secret has He wanted to tell me that I would not close my mouth long enough to hear?

Today I am thankful for His patience…He hasn’t given up on me as I was so close to giving up on our outing today.

This very day, the Father may simply want to tell you how to cool off…how to be refreshed by Him…to remind you that He will bear your burdens…give you rest…peace…a cool splash of water on your sweaty face…

I want to say yes…to what He asks…I want to sit back in my seat and enjoy the ride because it hasn’t involved kicking and screaming…resting in trust…yes, I probably will still crane my neck forward to get a better view and have a grin lining my face…but it will be from first time obedience…listening at the first gentle nudge…following in obedience to the voice of my Savior…the first time…little by little…from bath tub to wading pool to swimming pool to the lake to the river to the ocean…He can’t trust us in the big places until we trust Him in the little places…

Father, help us to lean back and allow Your Living Water to pour over us…saturate us with Yourself…immerse us in Your Presence….take us to new places of trust…even if we can only muster enough trust to sit in the puddle we are in…please meet us there…Amen!

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
   don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
   he’s the one who will keep you on track.
Don’t assume that you know it all.”

Proverbs 3: 5ish (MSG)

*The above image is indeed where we were today…except that it was littered with toes and crocs and aqua socks…we forgot our camera.

4 thoughts on “TRUST…because I don’t know everything…(heavy sigh)

  1. I’m running to get my flip flops and even my swimsuit. I don’t wear my swimsuit for anybody! But I know everything good comes from Him and I want to be ready….the first time He asks. Thanks for the reminder!


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