Leo (popsicle unseen) and Caleb

Caleb…our 4 year old…has a friend!

One of the challenges of having a W I D E gap between children is it has been difficult for him to find someone his own age…his life has tended to be surrounded with teenagers…

Caleb met his friend Leo in preschool…Leo would always save Caleb one of the big monster trucks and together they would race around the room as one.

Leo’s mom and I shared that they were each the topic of conversation at their perspective homes.

Caleb likes to stay in his pajamas until the last possible moment until the advent of Leo…most mornings he will bring his bleary self down the stairs with an arm load of clothes for the day…and ask if Leo is coming over today?  Do I get to play with Leo today? 

The first time Leo came over to play…Caleb wanted to wait on the porch…it was 8 o’clock and Leo was set to come over around 10…it was a long wait.  Wait he did…every once in awhile asking what color Leo’s car was?

Last week, Leo’s brother was not home again when they played…I was told that he was really anxious to meet this Caleb that he heard about ALL THE TIME.

Today is Wednesday…we thought this would be the day that Leo would come over but it didn’t happen…Caleb said…Mommy I am just so sad today.

Thinking and giggling about Caleb and Leo has made me think about my friendship with Jesus.

Does my heart beat faster when I am with Him?

Do I have expectancy to see Him?

Do others want to meet Jesus because I talk about Him all the time?

Will I wait until He shows up…even if I think He is late?

Do I realize that He is waiting as well for me to show up…and He is saving me the best stuff…things that I like…that we can do together?

Do I burst out of bed ready to meet with Him…how much anticipation do I have to spend time with Him?

Am I just so sad today because I have missed my time with Him?

Leo is the first thing Caleb thinks about in the morning and his last wish at bedtime…

Is the Name of Jesus on my lips to begin and end my day?


Do you remember when you first found your Friend?

8 thoughts on “Friendship…

  1. That is so good. I love my time with the Lord I can’t emagine not doing it. People think I’m strange because I get up 3 hrs before I have to go to work just to make sure I have at least an hour if not more with him every morning. It’s awesome.


  2. Oh, may we LONG for those special times with the LORD . . . realizing He is our closest Friend, and the Love of our Life, and our Father, and our Creator and our Almighty God. He’s EVERYTHING!!!! And what an honor to KNOW Him!

    This post is so simple and encouraging.

    Blessings to you!


  3. I appreciate you and how you are able to see miraculous details in simple life lessons. You are a friend to Jesus and yes, my great friend! I praise God for you and your tender heart! Helen, keep writing — and, sending pictures of your precious little guy (he is so darling!).


  4. Oh how cute – gotta love it! And your little Caleb is ADORABLE!!!

    And by the way, I’m waiting at the door – lookin’ out and up… I’m ready to meet my Savior and Friend. He’s coming down halfway in the clouds… can’t wait to see Him!!!


  5. You ask the harder questions always, Helen, and I so appreciate you. I hope Caleb gets to see his buddy soon. Have a great Thursday. Love, A


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