Appointed for Eternity…

Appointed for Eternity…

“When the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and honored the word of the Lord; and all who were appointed for eternal life believed.”

Acts 9: 48

Since January, our family has slowly begun the process of finding a new church family. This past Sunday, we visited a church for the first time. It’s always a bit scary…one never knows what lies behind hidden walls.

We found a small group of believers…also going through transition in their body life…a body where heartfelt worship was evident and the Word of God preached boldly. A body of believers whose  desire was to serve the Lord and hear from Him…an incredibly friendly group of modern day believers.

Carl and I left that assembly with hearts full of joy…in fact we sailed through most of the rest of the day…is it because this is the “one”…we honestly don’t know…our hearts rejoiced in the simplicity of the church…no fluff…no extras…the Word was preached from the Word…within the confines of less than an hour we walked through a chapter or two of the book of Acts…verse by verse…living word by living word.

The verse above is from a portion of scripture from my devotional this morning…it hit me in a new way and caused me to read Acts 9 to get the full context…what was “this” that the Gentiles heard.

Paul and Barnabas were on their first missionary trip…and on the Sabbath…they were asked if they wanted to add anything to what had been taught that morning…the people had listened to the Shema ( Deut. 6: 4), readings from the Book of the Law, prayers, readings from the prophets and a sermon…

Did Paul and Barnabas want to add anything?  Well, yes in fact they did…They wanted to fill in the gaps…they began to unfold the story of all stories…they spoke of the exodus out of Egypt, about the judges, the kings…Saul, David…they spoke about John the Baptist and then to Jesus…the author and finisher of their faith…

The people ate it up…in fact they said…can you come back next Sabbath…and they did…

“This” is what the Gentile heard…hearing the full Word of God…not just a part caused them to be glad and honor that word…and they believed…those who were now appointed for eternal life believed.

If I camp out only in the New Testament…I see a portion of who God is…if I live in the Old Testament…it would be easy to lose hope…the promise is evident but the fulfillment not seen.

As believers…we are appointed for eternal life…the Amplified says we are destined…appointed…ordained…

Yes, eternal life is for later…but it is also for now!

Carl and I felt glad not because of a church experience…but because of a reality…a truth…we experienced a bit of eternity…and it wasn’t for down the road…something I thank God that we will one day know in full…but it is for this present day…

We are eternity people…destined, ordained and appointed by God…there is that constant longing to be at home with Him…the Word says He has put eternity in our hearts, yet we can’t fathom what He has done from beginning to end…we are limited in our humanness…but God is limitless…the more we get to know Him…immerse ourselves in the full counsel of  His Word…the more we get glimpses of eternity…this side of Heaven.

Don’t miss your appointment with eternity!

3 thoughts on “Appointed for Eternity…

  1. I have been especially guilty about camping out in the New Testament over the years. I remember the first time I really studied the OT and how I was struck by how much God loved His stubborn, stiff-necked people. Over and over again, He gave them chance after chance, ultimately providing us all with a Redeemer. It’s still easy for me to “hide” in the NT but I’m trying to be more aware of the overall picture. (and pick bible studies that meander between both.)


  2. OH Karen I have been equally guilty…I feel really blessed that like you I have gotten into studies that were heavy in the OT…I truly believe a huge transformation took place in me when I did Beth Moore’s tabernacle study…I can’t believe how everything fits together…there is nothing that God has done in the past or now that is an extra stroke…it is just jaw dropping…so it has been such a blessing to be doing the cover to cover…I could go on and on and on…


  3. I like that thought so much–“appointments with eternity.” You’re talking about bigger things than I can grasp my heart around this morning. I am guilty too of lingering in favorite verses and glossing over or ignoring the ones I don’t particularly like, but it is the FULL Word of God who is our redeeming Lord. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to embrace all of Him in our minute by minute “appointments with eternity.” Love, Annette


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