I am a sucker for the magazine stand.

There is just something about a glossy cover and the allure of something wonderful within…I just can’t seem to help myself…lately I have taken to checking out my groceries in the “family friendly” lane…seriously, that is what it is labeled…yes, I know the original intent is to help weary parents avoid battles over bags of junk food, miniature cars and the  possibiity of seeing a cover of extremely fit people that have little need to wear clothes because the sheer pressure of excess cloth obviously would shred upon contact with all their muscles…not a sight for young (and older) eyes…but that check out lane has become “Helen friendly”…

I have been working through the No Other God Bible study by Kelly Minter…one of the main themes of the study  I am finding is regarding “making room for God”.  At the end of the first week’s homework she says this:

Remember, we’re walking together toward the goal of eradicating the things from our lives that are false, that lie, that kill, and that steal.  But if we stop there, we miss the point: to make room for God to live unrivaled in our hearts, shedding life, light, glory, healing, holiness, miracles, peace, and many more things than I could ever write.

Not only do I enjoy buying magazines which in itself is not a horrible thing…but I also like to keep them around…because “you never know” when I might need to find that recipe…or remember that paint color…or recall the name of that book I wanted to read…

My magazines take up some physical space in Carl and my shared office space/storage room…they take up room! 

On Monday I was driving with Caleb and listening to Jars of Clay’s Good Monsters CD…it is such an interesting collection of music and Caleb and I really like it…this song came on and before I knew it, I began wiping liquid conviction from underneath my sunglasses…


Later in the evening, I put dozens of magazines in the recycling can ready for pick up the next morning.  Do I think that all those magazines were idols?  Honestly, I don’t know…but what I do know is that they were definitely taking up physical room in my life and they were something that I repeatedly found myself drawn to possessing.  I don’t want to desire something shiny and new more than the old rugged cross…

This business of making room for God is serious…I am starting small…maybe this act is symbolic of more to come…getting to what I truly desire in my life…space…room…room for God to move and have a dwelling place in my heart…in my life…in my house…

How did I feel after the purge of all those glossies…I must say my heart felt lighter…my shelf bare…no longer burdened under the weight of all those volumes.

room (n.) : an extent of space occupied by or sufficient or available for something

Lord, I want to be occupied by you…help me to give you room…give me eyes to see and a heart to respond and act…thank you that you honor even the smallest movement…Amen.

Will you redecorate with me?



10 thoughts on “Room…

  1. Helen, your posts are really always that wise. I know what you mean… the things themselves may be perfectly good, but if they have to much space/time in our lives we need to get them out – at least temporarily until the right relations are given again…


  2. Helen,
    Great post. I knew we were doing cover to cover but nice to know you are doing the NOG study too. This was a great post as my Husband and I were doing some cleaning and tossing Sunday and have been talking about how much more we need to get rid of if we are going to down size and retire in the next few years. I have felt myself want to hang on to this or that but Kelly Minter’s study and your post is putting it in a better light for me.
    Thanks for your insight.
    I love the sunshine instead of the rain, but it’s just a little on the warm side here isn’t it?
    Have a great Blessed Day


  3. St.Claire of Assisi said, in a letter addressed to Agnes of Pragha: “the One that the entire Universe cannot contain, can be hold in a human soul…” it is within ourselves that we shall find space – which means time – for the Lord. Yet I do believe that the Lord appreaciate each of our simple steps to reach this goal. St.Francis of Assisi got rid of everything, litterally of everything, not only to posses only the Lord in his life, but to be by Him possessed.
    God bless you


  4. Ha ha…Jess…
    You can justify the need for your work…I on the other hand…cannot…I have begun to realize although I never paid much attention that they can make me feel wanting…I want that couch…or that body…or that trip to that exotic place…and I can look around my life and feel lacking…when in reality I have SO MUCH….WAY TOO MUCH TO BE EXACT…

    But I am glad that many of us are ready to do a bit of spiritual redecorating.


  5. Oh, and are you sure these are the magazines in your home? It seriously looks as if you came by and took a picture at our place (hee hee).

    Have a great time on Saturday!


  6. Releasing a professional rate coupon is huge (for me). That’s great, Helen! I’ve just gone through another magazine purging and do feel much lighter. It really does feel like a weight. I’ve subscribed to many home & garden mags over the years as it is a great reference for the industry that I’m in, but, yes, it can easily become a god if allowed. I’m redecorating with you. 😉


  7. Cheryl,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement…can’t wait to spend time with you next week…a chatfest to be sure…you blessed me!

    Ann, I love your blog and honored that you have added me to your blogroll…I do agree with you it is all about clearing away the excess stuff in many different aspects of our lives…Blessings right back to you.

    Joanne, contentment has been a big word for me in the last few months…can I truly purely be satisfied with Him alone…that’s my desire…oh, and don’t get me started on books…not there yet…ha!

    Oh and ladies, yesterday I received an important looking mailing and I opened it and it was a professional rate for a magazine that I don’t usually read it was a year for 6.67…oh how tempting that little piece of paper was…but I just chuckled and released it…sometimes even a great deal isn’t what is best!


  8. Good for you! For me, it’s so often about contentment and wanting more, rather than being grateful for what I have. When those feelings of “my life’s not good enough and this [whatever] is what I need to be happy” start cropping up, it’s time for whatever it is causing those feelings to go. I have to be particularly careful about novels…


  9. Hi Helen!

    This is my second day reading your blog, and I appreciate your heart and your love for the Lord. A while back, a lady at our church (a professional paid-organizer) did a monthlong workshop about organizing our life and office. Her ideas helped me to get rid of quite a bit of physical clutter, so I could work more effectively. Then, I actually had this lady come over to our home — to help me to sort through the “clutter” in my time-schedule and in my brain — to help me to think more effectively. It helped me so much, and by clearing excess-stuff away, I’ve been able to focus on making ROOM for what God wants.

    And, I added “work of heart” to my blog list.

    Blessings to you!


  10. What an important and beautiful post. I am so glad that I am not alone in starting small. It’s all I know to do. As more gets cleaned out, more gets revealed that is taking up valued space that was meant to be His. I long to be occupied by the Father as well. Thanks for sharing your heart and encourageing us to join you! 🙂


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