Keepin’ it real…

Keepin’ it real…

I am keeping it real…in my estimation…if I were graded I would get a C…but this isn’t about perfection…it is about being intentional…so just being willing to look at what I has consumed my mind and what hasn’t each month is enlightening and a great exercise.  The big word in my life right now is CONTENTMENT…and so I am desiring to be content regardless of what is on my plate…even if it is a plate of busyness…you can read more about plates of contentment here.  Here’s my progress in the pursuit of these great 8 goals:

  1. I continue to read the Bible chronologically and it continues to blow my mind.  I had a conversation last week with a friend and we were talking about how much healing could and would be provided if we all just dig into the Word…we don’t need anything else but the revelation of God through His Word…
  2. Carl and I will celebrate 22 years on the 19th of this month.  We are bound and determined to get away for a night…and although I wanted to do something big…I truly am content to just do something on a smaller scale.
  3. I am eating lunch everyday…it’s a good thing!
  4. Have not touched the Chronicles of Narnia in awhile…although Carl and I saw Prince Caspian and we liked it a lot…does that count?
  5. This summer, my waterfall experiences may be having a picnic in the waterfall area…my knee tends to take 2 steps forward and 3 back…I was walking a lot and feeling better each time I walked and now it has gotten a bit temperamental again.
  6. After a long drought of just plain sleeping in, I have been getting up early to have time with the Lord…and it has been great since there are more people home during the day=more need to be with the Lord=more dishes laying around the house=more time needed with the Lord=life=more time needed with the Lord.
  7. I have edited a few of my previous posts and have enjoyed reading the old one…much like reading an old journal…still plugging away.
  8. Oops, I skipped one, I am praying for 8 that don’t know the Lord and I continue to realize that my heart needs to break more over that reality and that I don’t spend near enough time interceding for the lost. 

So until August…how are you living intentionally?  Join others at Elisa’s site here.


3 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real…

  1. Sounds like a fairly honest assesment of a delightfully content month. Peace comes through your post. I’m so glad you joined in! Be blessed this month ahead!

    And I love the new look. So soothing!



  2. Welcome Ann and nice to meet you.

    High praise from Bo…especially since I stalk her blog!
    Wow…you have a plate full and just back from Africa…wow…are you state side for a while?

    I will definitely hop over and visit your blog…love knowing a blogger that is in the area!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Hi Helen!

    Bo says you’re an amazing writer, and any recommendation coming from her rates quite high with me. I’m a momma of seven with a big mission-minded heart, just recently back from Africa . . . and a fairly new blogger. Stop by sometime, and maybe we can become friends.

    And yes, I want to live intentionally for HIM!
    Ann Dunagan


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