4 thoughts on “Torrey Pines…simply amazing…

  1. Thanks…I have been having fun redecorating…tee hee…

    It was definitely a sports treat to watch…too bad that this will be our last sighting of Tiger for the season…he will have surgery again…I am just utterly amazed that he played all those holes with stress fractures…craziness indeed…makes the win even more incredible…what a great parallel to what we can do in the Lord that would be impossible otherwise.


  2. Pretty new blog design! Don’t think I mentioned it earlier…My husband’s side of the family are big Tiger fans, so this was pretty exciting to watch.


  3. Oh Nise’,

    I know…I love Tiger…he is just amazing but how could you help but not cheer for Rocco…he is been equally amazing these past 5 days…oh how that little ball can take such funny bounces and sometimes refuse to get in the hole…


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