Simply Amazing…

Simply Amazing…

You may have noticed that I have been playing around with my blog design…I am choosing this design for the moment in honor of the round of golf we watched Tiger Woods play yesterday…simply amazing that he came back to take the lead at the U.S. Open…actually that is not so amazing as he has done that countless times…but what made this particular tour de force special was that he was basically playing on one leg…just weeks after knee surgery…

I have had my knee woes this year…it’s getting better everyday and I am finally able to walk my dog again…woo hoo! 

The trees above look a lot like the ones at Torrey  Pines…so I believe today we will be celebrating Father’s Day with lots of food and fellowship and a wee bit of golf as well.

Maybe I will even be able to dust off my clubs and play a round or two this summer…just maybe…

5 thoughts on “Simply Amazing…

  1. Oh how I wish I could go with my son, but alas those pesky finances… I’m just glad the Lord worked it out that he can go. I’m so proud of him representing our country (and the Lord, even though it’s secular music, it’s patriotic, mostly) this way!


  2. Bo…Carl and I are some of the few that actual watch golf often…but it is always most fun when Tiger is playing…this has been one of the most impressive display of golf…you don’t want to see anyone lose this tournament…
    It is going to make me want to hit a few balls this summer…I am sure with much different results…


  3. Oh my goodness…I’m home for lunch right now (Monday) and this tournament is incredible! Sudden death? Amazing. Tiger playing with a bad knee? Crazy! The fact that I’m riveted to a golf tournament? Miraculous! Seriously, this one has been fun to follow.


  4. Hey Susan,

    Thanks…wordpress has some nice designs…actually I have already changed the design from when this post was written…I guess it was a one day only special…ha!
    Wow…your baby is going overseas…do you get to accompany him?
    I will be praying for you all…blessings!


  5. Pretty Helen, you come up with some lovely designs. I bet you’re just as creative in your home 🙂

    I’ll catch up soon. Lots going on in these parts. My youngest is getting ready to travel overseas with his band to play trombone 🙂

    Take care!


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