Giving praise where praise is due…

Giving praise where praise is due…

I love stumbling onto “new blogs”…sometimes I don’t even know the blog of origin but nonetheless I am overjoyed by the discovery.

I found Sandy at 4 Reluctant Entertainers a month or so ago, when I was stressing about all the details surrounding Carlen’s graduation open house.  Sandy’s blog is  visually beautiful but beyond the appearance, each post is filled with a passion for connecting with people, food and God. It just makes you want to organize your next dinner party.

I noticed on the sidebar that Sandy invited readers to email her with questions…I decided to be brave and email her with some roadblocks that I was facing in entertaining…she emailed me immediately and asked a few follow up questions and then gave me some great advice…she was so kind to come alongside me and give me courage to be myself.

A couple weeks before the big event…I read this post called Image or Reality…it changed my mindset completely…I realized that I had been spending so much time concentrating on what I “didn’t have” and not being grateful for what I did have…it is so easy to look at a magazine or a catalog and get caught up in comparisons…and feel so inadequate by the stains on your couch or the scratches on the hardwoods that you feel like you will never measure up.  I realized I needed to embrace my home and what makes it truly our home…it made all the difference…truly I don’t want my house to look like a catalog…I want it to breath of life, joy, comfort and the presence of the Lord…

When I looked around at the bulging crowd of people…many that did not know each other but yet they were literally shoulder to shoulder celebrating with us…enjoying the food…saying they were going to leave and not crossing back over the threshold until much much later because they were having fun…they didn’t want to leave…I knew that it didn’t matter if we had a mansion or a shack…decor by Target or Pottery Barn…furniture from IKEA or Ethan Allen…it’s all about opening our home and our life to those you love.

Thank you Sandy for encouraging me…and so many!  Please check out 4 Reluctant Entertainers…you will be glad you did!

One thought on “Giving praise where praise is due…

  1. Hey, thanks for the info. I’ll definately have to check that site out. It’s hard not to compare, isn’t it? Thanks for the word of encouragement today to be thankful for what God has given. I especially liked when you said about our homes, “I want it to breath of life, joy, comfort and the presence of the Lord…” How true!!!

    I’ve been learning to try to “take care” of what the Lord has blessed me with instead of always wanting to run out and buy something new. Definately a different mindset for me. I’ve been finding that it’s been keeping me so busy, I don’t have much time to think of buying more!

    Love ya and glad you’re back!


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