Sheer Randomness…

Sheer Randomness…

I have missed blogging…a lot.  However the break was necessary and I am glad that I imposed a hiatus otherwise it would have been one more thing to worry about getting done.

Not having the outlet of blogging has left me with too many tidbits in my brain…so this is a compilation of a few things that are on the top of my brain…yes…random thoughts to the max:

  • Graduation for Carlen was wonderful starting with the open house we had the afternoon before the big event filled with friends and family and good food…despite the chilly damp weather it was a truly memorable and precious time.  Graduation was really fun again despite the rainy cold evening…most of my family left the day after graduation but my parents stayed until this past Sunday…that was fun to have them remain after all the busyness.  We ended the week with an end of the  season softball party and that was fun…although I think the introvert in me was kind of done with social stuff…but it was fun to see all the girls honored and how much fun they have together…the majority of them will play together on the summer league team which led to this weekend…six games in two days…let summer begin!
  • The middle of April, I sent out a mailing to friends and family to ask if they would write Carlen a page to be included in a blessing book that I wanted to put together for her…I gave people the option of telling her the best advice they had received at her age or the advice they wished they had received, or a prayer for her or anything else they felt led to say to her…I tried to make it as easy as possible for people to return the page…I gave a deadline and also an addressed envelope to return it to me. As with life I was still receiving them up to the last minute…but I must say, it was one of the biggest blessing to receive and to put together.  It was so neat to read these pages all through the days leading up to her graduation…and the cool thing was that EVERYONE had a different piece for Carlen.  When she opened up the book on  the eve of graduation, she looked at two pages and burst into tears.  She later said that she had been so overwhelmed by all the gifts but the book meant the most to her…she couldn’t believe all these special people in her lives would take the time to write her, send pictures, etc.  Maybe I will post one of the pages I wrote to her in the days to come…Oh, and if you look at the post below and click on the picture to enlarge it…you can see some of the photo collage that I made her…such fun to see how she has grown…and also made me realize I have got to organize my pictures soon…
  • One of the big lessons God has been trying to teach me this year in particular is that I AM NOT IN CONTROL…Carl, Courtney, Caleb and I were on our way to Carlen’s state quarterfinal softball game…I had remarked to Carl that we were doing so well…we had gotten on the road just 10 minutes after when we had wanted to be driving…we would arrive to the city about 2 hours before game time.  We were 20 miles outside of the destination point when Carl felt that we needed to stop and get some gas…it was the Friday of Memorial day and we didn’t want to chance not being able to find gas in this small town where we were headed…we pulled off and got our gas and when Carl got back into the car…the car would not start…in fact the car started to make this clicking noise and the inside lights began to flash…we were just incredulous.  I will make this a short story…we called our auto club (praise God)…called one of the coaches(praise God we had a cell phone number as Carlen was not answering her phone) and told them the situation and to tell Carlen not to worry that we would be there asap…had a tow truck come out…was driven to a Les Schwab’s tire store…the battery was so low they had to charge it to see if that was the problem…it was…they installed a new battery and we were on our way and as we drove up to the ball field and piled out of the car we were just in time to see our team make the last out…our team had lost 4-2…and we missed Carlen’s last high school game…we all wanted to cry…we hugged Carlen and she said she understood…she climbed into the charter bus with the team and we climbed back into our van and drove in disbelief home…we reminded ourselves of God’s faithfulness to us…we could have gotten to the game and not had the car start…after hours to receive car service…we could go on and on about possible scenarios that God rescued us from…yet it still hurt…once again I was aware that God’s ways are not mine and His thoughts are higher than mine…I can think that I have every base covered and still it may not all work out how I envision…yet I know that God holds my life in His hands…and that’s a very good fact!
  • Carl and I had a mini date over that weekend and went to see Prince Caspian…we really enjoyed it…there were a couple differences from the book but it was really good.  I was so reminded of the battles that we all fight each day…and that ultimately He will get the victory…hooray!
  • Next week, I hope to resume writing my cover to cover recaps…I have missed the discipline and I must say these past few weeks, my discipline has really been lagging…it made me think about the post I wrote a bit ago called drifting…it is so easy to get off course…but my souls really longs for time with Him…
  • This post is long enough…so I will post a few more random thoughts over the next day or so…for now I will leave with this great quote that I wrote in my journal…summer is a great time to take some time to spend time asking the Lord some deep questions about a great subject…YOU!

“The most secret, sacred wish that lies deep down at the bottom of your heart, the wonderful thing that you hardly dare to look at, or to think about~the thing that you would rather die than have anyone else know of, because it seem to be so far beyond anything that you are, or have at the present time, that you fear that would be cruelly ridiculed if the mere thought of it were known~that is just the very thing that God is wishing you to do or be for Him.  And the birth of that marvelous wish in your soul~the dawning of that secret dream~ was the Voice of God…telling you to arise and come up higher because He had need of you.”

****Emmet Fox

This quote was found in one of the devotionals that I use…this one…thanks for all of you that gave me your thoughts on devotionals…it was fun to read.

I have used devotionals over the years…now I would say that I try to be just in His Word on my own more than use a guide…my current reads are Daily Light because it is all scripture and I love it because it has morning and evening passages…and I use the one that I linked above…it is really cool…it’s like a guide to spending a quiet time with the Lord…with a weekly focus of scriptures and quotes and leads you through your prayer time and journalling…I like it a lot…in fact, I gave one to my mom for Mother’s Day and it is neat to know we are reading the same scriptures and yet God will speak to us individually…

I am glad to be back!


2 thoughts on “Sheer Randomness…

  1. Thanks for sending me over to your blog, Helen! Awesome here! Fun to see your family – and daughter. You need to post some of those awesome party pix – seriously!
    Great to catch up on your family and what you guys are about.

    Thanks! Bless You. Sandy


  2. To know that she’ll be able to open up that blessing book at any given time and be reminded of how much she is genuinely loved is invaluable. And I saw the collage…another precious gift!

    I also enjoyed reading the quote from Emmet Fox, which reminds me that I’ve been longing to get away for a weekend retreat. I have plenty of vacation time, too, so I’ll start looking at the possibilties…


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