*The shiny graduate…Carlen Amanda Washington*

Our Carlen graduated on June 2nd…I know that many of you know the thrill of this moment…we are equally thrilled and elated. 

We give all praise to God for this rich blessing…the road at times surprised us with blocks and barriers but He continued to walk before Carlen and be an ever present help and Light!  His faithfulness never waivered and Carlen worked so diligently to finish high school well…and she did…she was on the honor roll which included two classes in the International Baccalaureate program…she did not take the easy path to her diploma and for that we applaud her…she and her softball team made it to the quarterfinals in state (a first for her high school) and lost in a close game…I will share more about that game in another post (we as a family missed the game) and she was selected to the 1st team all-league team for her position as center fielder…

We love you Carlen…you are a radiant reflection of the Lord…can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in this next chapter in your journey!

Let the happy dance never end!


3 thoughts on “WOO HOO…

  1. Yah Carlen!!! Your family is soooo proud of you. Praise the Lord for what He has and will continue to do in your life as you submit yourself to Him!

    And from one softball player to another – way to go girl! I sure miss those high-school softball days! You’ll cherish the memory forever 🙂

    Take care dear Helen. Thanks for sharing your precious daughter with us here today. She’s beautiful!


  2. What a beautiful post, Helen. Thanks for sharing her achievements, it’s quite inspiring…and encouraging (I still have my two girls to pray through school).

    Congratulations, Carlen!


  3. Thanks Susan and Jess,

    We continue to bask in the joy of Carlen’s graduation…if you look closely at the picture or click on it to enlarge it…you can see the picture collage that I made her…it was such fun to put together…seeing the baby turn into a toddler into a little girl into a young lady…somehow it seems like it was just a few blinks of the eye…

    Yes, there have been a lot of prayers and they will increase and intensify in a multitude of ways.

    Thanks for sending your congrats to her.


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