Taking a break…

Taking a break…


I was going to post this picture of my favorite tulips on May Day…but it didn’t happen! I love this variety of tulips because as they open more and more they get really full almost like a peony, they are double blooms so you more bang per stem and they also are fragrant…hooray!  Happy Spring to you all…it is going to be a mini heat wave starting today here in Portland…and although I am not a hot weather kind of gal…it makes me happy…it has been a long wet and cold season.  In fact, the tulips were supposed to bloom in succession…light pink first, then the yellow and finally the deep pink being the latest bloomer but I think it has been so cold that they finally arrived at the same time…

We are in the midst of graduation preparations and softball playoffs…so I will blog again the second week of June…

I hope all your end of the school year events go well and as our family and friends do the “wave” when Carlen crosses the stage to receive her diploma…we will all once again experience the goodness and faithfulness of God that He protected and guided her every step of the way…and for that I rejoice!

Joy to you,





4 thoughts on “Taking a break…

  1. Joy to you too my friend. Beautiful flowers! Tulips are my second fav after Gerber daises! I am a novice when it comes to flower knowledge. I had no idea that different colors of the same flower bloom in sucession… interesting how with the cold weather that it changed.

    Blessings on your break. Rest, enjoy your family and may you have a fantastic time w/softball, but most of all with your dear daughter’s graduation. I’ll try to do the wave with you here from PA. You think it will work? (smile)


  2. We are so blessed, are we not? I love the tulips, by the way. Spring was so late this year (it seemed like it would never come!) but it hasn’t rushed off now that it’s finally arrived. Enjoy your break.


  3. See you when you return! Enjoy these last few days of high school…they are so much fun and then after your big “whew” sit down and rest!!


  4. Love the photo of your tulips…and you’re right, they do resemble peonies!

    We experienced the heat down here as well last week. Thankfully, it’s so much cooler now, whew! I hope Carlen has a wonderful graduation…enjoy the time off, too!


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