Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

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Don’t you love when people speak the truth…even when it is difficult to hear?

Joyce Meyer spoke the truth last night…and I don’t believe there was not a single person that wasn’t hit squarely between the eyes and in the heart.

Her question will resonate with me for quite awhile I believe…in fact, it has already messed me up quite a bit…but in a good way.

Are you doing what you know?  Why is there a gap between what we know and what we do?

We underline our Bibles but are we living according to the Word?

We can easily recite the fruit of the spirit but does our life display this fruit?

The questions could go on and on but the bottom line remains…are we walking out what we know…the truth.

So today…join me in getting honest with ourselves…knowing that God’s grace is there and available…”there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”…so let’s live in the reality of that great grace…let’s live in the reality of all that we know!

Peace to you…have a blessed weekend…and a Joyous Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer

  1. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I do enjoy listening to Joyce Meyer, probably because she does have a way of giving it to you straight. Sounds like your church has held a really great conference. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a blessed week, Helen!


  2. Hi there Gracie,

    I am glad to know you are back and blogging…I will have to head over and catch up with you!

    This is the first time I have heard Joyce Meyer in person…I have caught her a few times on television…

    I think you would like her…she is very much nuts and bolts…speaks the truth from the Word even if it is difficult to hear…in fact, she joked that she didn’t know why God didn’t give her a “dessert” ministry…hers is more spinach…but it is food that will make you stronger!

    So…yes, she made an impression on me…and more importantly the Word continues to impress me and keeps me digging…

    Your Mother’s Day sounds nice and restful…good for you!


  3. Hi there Helen
    I am spending Mother’s Day lounging with my laptop…studying, blogging and getting caught up on other favorite blogs.

    Love your recent postings. I have not read or heard Joyce Meyers…sounds like she’s made a great impression on you. Thanks for sharing!

    Those questions are life altering indeed!

    Have a great Mother’s Day as well!


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