8 in 2008 Update…

8 in 2008 Update…

I  am having a difficult time focusing today…my husband and I went to the opening session of our church conference…and WOO HOO…we are both flying a bit higher today…in fact Carl woke up 4 times singing…Jentezen Franklin spoke last night and I wish I could even begin to do justice in explaining what he shared…but what I can easily say is that the huge crowd were crying out to the Lord in one accord for more hunger, more desire, more passion for God…he gave a great call for the church to rise up and not be casual in our callings…he wove the story of Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38) and subsequently the birth of Judah and Tamar’s twins into what he calls “divine reversal”…the first child to push forth had a scarlet cord tied to its wrist BUT the second twin somehow wrestled/struggled enough to end up being the one that pushed forth first.  Jentezen likened this to us as Gentiles being the second born but in Christ we are now the first born…but in that reality, we are not to become complacent regarding our inheritance…we need to reach out and take it…reach out for fresh anointing, reach out and completely walk in our callings…push all those obstacles that are set before us to follow hard after God.  Don’t you love that God has always done things the opposite of the world or our understanding and ways…the first will be last and the last shall be first…he has used the simple to silence the wise…lay down your life to gain eternal life…

I still don’t think even I wrote a sentence that gave the word last night justice…but if I see in the weeks to come that the stream of the teaching is available on the church website…I will pass the link along…tonight Joyce Meyer’s speaks…I will pass on any tidbits and as I process last night…I may even try to post more coherent thoughts…

I am going to be very brief…

  • I still stand in amazement of God’s Word…I love reading it chronologically…this past few weeks we have been reading about David and also reading the psalms associated with that time in his life…really powerful!
  • My mind is full of things to do as we get ready for Carlen to graduate…I know that Carl and I will spend time away even if it is a quick overnight…I choose not to stress about it!
  • I am eating lunch everyday and feel great!
  • Working on Prince Caspian and looking forward to the movie coming out soon! 
  • Praying for my 8 people to come to know Him.
  • Waterfalls and hills still have to wait…my knee is slowly improving…thanks to God and I believe Glucosamine…I have walked Hazel a few times…we miss each other…as long as she doesn’t pull me with the leash to get to one of those pesky squirrels…I am just fine…slow but fine…thanks for your prayers.
  • I set my alarm for 6:45 and I tend to get up around 7…when Carl comes back into the bedroom…I am growing…or more accurately God is changing me because I could have major guilt about this “failure”…but I have talked to God about this and I feel that He and I both know that during this phase in my life…I am really tired…and I am still meeting with the Lord daily…so for me the “goal” is more about clinging to Him daily…through out the day…and praise be to God…that is happening.
  • Today I am  powered by what I shared at the beginning of this post…one of my big dreams has been to write a devotional…so if you were wondering what my devotional survey was all about…I wanted to gauge in a really small way if devotionals are still relevant and useful.  I still welcome feedback…After graduation…I will be working on a proposal…editing my work and going from there…I welcome your prayer…

You can view my past posts from 8 in 2008 if this post doesn’t make a lot of sense…herehereherehere.

I am so thankful for Elisa at Extravagant Grace…she has already heeded the word to reach out and grab those things in life that have value and will last…check out her site for more information about living intentionally!

Until June 8th…hey, I will have a high school graduate by then…yippee skippee!

6 thoughts on “8 in 2008 Update…

  1. Good to hear what God is doing in your life my dear friend. At a Christian writers conference last year, they talked about “devotionals” and said they are not “hot” in the market. You know what I say? Phewy. If God wants it out there, then He will make a way!

    One little tip that I have taken to heart though after attending writers conference through the years, when you meet with an editor, don’t say, “God told me to write this.” They all ready assume that you’ve talked things over with God 🙂 Just a little thought about editors and publishers.

    I’m so excited about your daughter’s upcoming graduation and for the time that you and your dear hubby will spend together soon. I’m glad too to hear that your up and about on your knee, even if it means taking it slow. That’s hard for a get up and go girl, I know, but God is still working in the midst of it all 🙂

    Love ya,


  2. Oh how I love those moments like you had last night! May God continue to speak to you all day with what you were taught!


  3. Thanks for stopping by and the kind, encouraging words. I enjoyed reading your post and hearing how excited you are for God!


  4. Wow, I am so inspired by you! You’re testimony from church was so encouraging this morning! And your list and focus is pressing on into Jesus. You go girl!

    Blessings this month!



  5. I am choking up a bit over what you shared from your guest speaker. I’m sharing it with my husband as God is doing a wonderful work in his life during this season. I hope you have a little to do list for the graduation that you can refer back to, I know it must be exciting. I have 3 more years before my oldest will graduate.

    It’s always great to catch up with you and see what you’ve been doing. Have a wonderful weekend!


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