Week 17

Week 17


This weeks’ passages:  I Samuel 25-30; II Samuel 1-5; selections from I Chronicles; Psalm 2, 14, 18, 31, 40, 53, 56, 69, 78, 86, 131.

Each week, I ask the Lord to speak to me in reading His Word and particularly while reading cover to cover, selfishly so that I can have something to write for my weekly recap.  But the odds are always good because to depend on Him is a sure bet rather than trying to come up with something myself.  Once again, I was drawn to one part of this week’s readings.  Maybe God is being gracious to all of us…so that I don’t have to type out all of what I “get” from my weekly readings and no one has to push the page down key too often…let’s hope that is the case today.

It has been about 4 days since I read I Samuel 30…it has just not left my spirit and mind…I have read it in the NKJV, NIV, NASB, Amplified and the Message…it fills me with so much hope and courage.  I love God’s Word…more and more with each day and with each passage I read…I never want to take it out of context…so please know that this is what I felt it saying to me…I welcome your thoughts…especially if you think I am off base…again…I welcome your input!

Here’s my recap of I Samuel 30:

David and his men reach Ziklag and find the unbearable sight of a city burned to the ground and all the women and child are gone (including David’s two wives)…they have not been killed but they have been taken captive by the Amalekites.

What in your life has been taken captive?  Are you standing amongst the burnt ruins? 

David and the men are overcome with emotion…they wept aloud until they had no strength to weep

Do you need to cry out to God about the ruins in your life…until there are no more tears?

The outpouring of emotion can affect people in different ways.  For David’s men…it made them bitter and angry…they wanted to stone David.  David’s emotions were equal yet the Word says that David found strength in the Lord his God.

How has hardship and trials shaped you…has it been forged in bitterness or in dependence in the Lord?

David inquired of the Lord regarding if he was to pursue these raiders…God said yes…that this was a pursuit that would meet with success.  David assembled 600 men but 200 men were too exhausted to make the trek…so they stayed behind with the supplies.

Injustice can cause us to act impulsively and foolishly.  Ask the Lord what to do in these situations…then form your army…and go! 

Along their way, they encountered an Egyptian slave that had been abandoned to his death by his Amalekite master.  They feed him and ask him to assist them.  He led them to the Amalekites that were in the midst of partying because of the huge plunder they had captured.

Help can come in unexpected places…keep an open mind and heart.  God can and will use anyone to achieve His plans and assure His victories.  Our enemies may often celebrate prematurely…don’t forget who God says will get the victory.

David and his men fight from dusk until evening of the next day and none of the Amalekites got away except for 400 men that fled on camels.  The Word says:

“David recovered everything the Amalekites had taken, including his two wives.  Nothing was missing:  young or old, boy or girl, plunder or anything else they had taken.  David brought back everything.” (30:19, 20)

I don’t know about you but that fills me with such hope…the words “everything” and “nothing was missing“…David and his men got it all back.

David, the men, the women and children and all their stuff head back to the place where those who have waited with the supplies.  I am sure their was great rejoicing despite fatigue along the way.  Those that were too tired to fight come out to meet the victors.  David greets them but the other men get an attitude…they don’t want to share the plunder with those that have stayed behind…take your wives and children but don’t touch the goodies…you didn’t fight for it.  But David basically says…NO WAY…those that have fought and those who have not each will share alike in the plunder.  David believed this so strongly that he made it a statute and ordinance.

Here’s my take home message…the reason why I have kept reading different translations to see if it still says the same thing…the same thing to me who doesn’t live in David’s time…

I can look over my life especially in the last several years…there is carnage…there are places…even dreams that have felt as if they have been burnt to the ground…smoldering ashes at my feet.  I have been both types in this story…I have felt bitterness and wanted to blame someone…something…anything…but I have also learned to talk to the Lord…read His Word…get His take on my life.  I have mustered the courage to ask Him if this fight is still worth pursuing…and He has said Yes…one day…the victory is going to come…one day…one day it will all be redeemed…because I can and will give you beauty for ashes…

There have been days that I have waged war with a lot of strength…there have also been days were I have been exhausted…days where I stay behind with the supplies…I pray…I go to the One who supplies all my needs…I ask for the Holy Spirit…for He is the One who can intercede for me and make sense of my groans…I can fight for others as well when they are defeated and deflated…and they can pray or fight for me when I am in that place.  It  all constitutes fighting…and it is fighting in a battle where one day we all get to share in the plunder.

One day we will recover everything…nothing will be missing…Christ will bring it all back!

We will greet each other…those who have fought…those who have prayed,stayed and remained and we will gather around our King, Our Glorious Redeemer, as He proclaims the victory and invites us to share in His inheritance…

Oh what a Day that will be!

Isn’t God’s Word amazing…join others here who are reading the Bible cover to cover this year.

Have a blessed week…let this example in the life of David resonate into your own as you day by day fight the good fight of faith!


***If you have a moment, will you respond to my devotional survey below…I would appreciate your input!


8 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. I don’t have to think back too far about weeping until exhausted. It happened again for me this week. And God so showed up. Thank you so much for doing this….you always are faithful and full of powerful words.


  2. Yes, my friend, our God certainly is amazing! I like how you said, “There have been days that I have waged war with a lot of strength…there have also been days were I have been exhausted…days where I stay behind with the supplies…I pray…I go to the One who supplies all my needs.”

    Yes, the Lord is our strength. He truly does supply all our needs.

    I’ve been clinging to the promise of Neh. 8:10, that the “joy of the Lord is my strength.” I may not always be happy about situations or feeling particurally energetic, but I can find my joy in the Lord. His joy, the joy of knowing Christ, is my strength, even on the days I’m physically and emotionlly tired 🙂 He knows our weakness and works through them!

    Learning to lean on Him,


  3. hey this one needs to go in the book!!Loved it. the reminder for me is to not get “an attitude” with the ones who stay back with the supplies. I think when you are fighting so hard for something sometimes it gets really hard when you have finally won a great victory and someone who did not fight with you comes up to and says hey that looks good can i have some of that?
    I know i need to meditate on that a bit longer and check my heart.
    love you kimz


  4. My…I would like to point a friend to this post because I feel it is filled with so much wisdom and beautifully written. I can relate to feeling as if dreams have been burnt to the ground. And yet, there is our hope in Him. So grateful for this, thank you!


  5. Oh my. Your words really spoke to me this afternoon. I am standing on some burnt ruins and I really needed to hear this.



  6. Oh how I enjoy how you broke this down to relate it to our lives today. Is it okay if I print a copy and put it in my Bible? This is so beautiful how you put it. I can relate!!

    Blessings in Christ-


  7. Earlier last week I Samuel 30 was cropping up all over the place. My Pastor spoke on it, I heard a radio preacher speak on it and then it was in our daily readings. My first thought was, “uh oh”. As I thought about it, I realized I never need say, uh oh, because whatever comes my way it has been handled already by Him!


  8. I love how you reminded me about how David wept until he was exhausted. I remember a time in my life when I had to do just that. That’s exactly when God was their with open arms to hear my prayers. Thank you for sharing and giving so much hope to us. Your insights blessed me this morning! All my love, Angie xoxo


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