Devotional Survey…

Devotional Survey…



Hello all,

I have a favor to ask…

Would you tell me about your use of devotionals? 

  • Do you use a devotional?
  • What devotional(s) do you use?
  • What’s your favorite devotional?
  • Why do you like your current devotional?
  • If you were looking for a devotional, what aspects would be important?
  • What devotional would you not hesitate to give as a gift?
  • Is there something that you haven’t been able to find in the devotionals you have shopped for?

Please leave me any and all comments you have on this subject…I would really appreciate any input!

Oh…and congratulate me…this is possibly my shortest post in ages!

Peace to you,




10 thoughts on “Devotional Survey…

  1. I’ve done the Experiencing God Day by Day before, and that was good. But I’ve found for me, a devotional just doesn’t work. I am reading the Scripture and letting it speak to my heart, and praying about what the Lord reveals during my reading. Sometimes, it’s one verse & sometimes it’s 15.

    I think devotionals can be good, but I was using mine as a substitute for my own personal study…not good! I generally read whatever non-fiction book I’m studying (THE EXCELLENT WIFE…THANK YOU!) and then the Scripture. It’s amazing how often they line up together. Then I pray over what I’ve read in both places.

    Don’t know if that will help you or not. I’m just sharing what works for me. I’m interested in reading what others say.


  2. Hey Melissa,

    Thanks for your comments…I can agree with a lot of it…I have done the same thing as well…just picked up a devotional and let that be the word for the day…

    Currently, I am trying to balance reading through the Bible…which is more study, a Bible study and then spending time just in His Word…I have most often used Daily Light because it is only scripture on a common theme…I love that…it’s all about balance isn’t it…the most important thing is to be spending time with Him and His Word…and He will speak!

    I am so glad you are enjoying The Excellent Wife…it has been really nice to be a fly on the wall and read your thoughts…


  3. The only devotional I’ve used with any consistency is My Utmost. I also love Andrew Murray. Multnomah Publishers compiled a devotional of his best stuff and I’ve enjoyed that off-and-on. I’m currently reading the sermons of Frederick Buechner and have ordered one of his devotionals – Listening to Your Life – but haven’t seen it yet so I guess this information isn’t really that helpful, is it?

    The Bible I’m reading this year has Eugene Peterson’s commentary woven throughout it, which is really good – but it feels like I run out of time to add or absorb anyone else’s thoughts after that. I guess that would be a requirement for me in a devotional is that the chapters are short and pack a good punch. And I’m never going to get through a YEAR of them…I’d like devotionals that are 30 or 60 days so I feel like there’s an end in sight somewhere. 🙂

    For gift-giving purposes, I’d like to see stuff that’s built around a specific issue so the reader can build a solid foundation of truth in an area that may be a struggle for them. So many people don’t know where to start to tackle fear or heartache or identity issues by themselves in the Word and many books present an author’s ideas rather than helping people find the answers in the Bible. That’s not a bad thing, but I think the right kind of devotional could be so beneficial in teaching someone how to understand and apply the amazing Word of God to their real lives (perhaps that’s more in the Bible Study category…but I guess I think of a devotional as being a little more concise and compelling and that would be great for those who aren’t ready to dig too deeply.)

    Good questions! (also: sorry I couldn’t keep my comment as short as your post!)



  4. I have used devotionals for years; sometimes as a beginning to my quiet time, or to end it. Sometimes to get a quick word when I chose to not have the quiet time or as a quick pick me up during the day. My favorites have been: Beloved by Kay Arthur, My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers, Come Before Winter and Share My Hope by Charles Swindoll, Voices of the Faithful by Beth Moore & Friends, Praying God’s Word Day by Day by Beth Moore. Because I liked them so much, I have given Beloved and My Utmost as gifts.


  5. Bo,
    I love My Utmost as well…I believe it was one of the earliest devotionals I ever owned…my friend Gordy Luther grew up in the Presbyterian church with me and he had an amazing rebirth in the Lord and was really into Oswald…so I bought a copy in the original language…I remember being pretty lost but yet I knew that great truths were there…now I have one in today’s language…even though my teens are far behind me…
    Thanks for answering this survey.

    Nise’…I see you have Utmost on your list as well…I have to admit that I have all of those you listed except the Kay Arthur one…thanks for your gift thoughts as well…I will be on the look out for Beloved. Thanks for your comments.


  6. Oswald and I are old friends. We don’t always see eye to eye but I love how he puts things sometimes. I also enjoy Daily Light. I actually like to translate it into other translations which helps it to stick with me. (and I’ll take anything that helps in that area!) We do devotions at work and my boss uses Streams a lot and it tends to hit me between the eyes frequently. I suspect I will use that one next year. I’m always on the lookout for something that catches my eye and since I work at a christian book store, that’s not hard.


  7. Ha, I first red your post in my feedreader and it did not show the picture. Then I came over, saw the photo and guess what: I have exactly the same copy of “Streams in the Desert” as you have.

    I haven’t found a devotional that was more precious to me than this one. I had my first copy when I was 17 and all the grief and pain of life were yet far away, but the depth of her words moved me deeply and lots of her words stayed in my heart and comforted me later.

    I have a beautiful leather-bound edition in my shelf and it is sitting there and waiting to become a present one day – to my future husband, to someone else truly special… I haven’t decided yet, but I believe that I bought it on purpose.

    Have been missing you, but there is so much going on in ‘real life’ that I hardly find any time for blogging (((hugs)))!


  8. Hi my dear, I’ve been wanting to comment on this one for awhile, but I’m trying to figure out how to keep my comment short – lol!

    Devotionals, devotionals, devotionals. What do I say about devotionals? Like several of those who have commented above, most of my quiet time with the Lord is spent reading His Word, and like you here on your blog, then I write about it, whether online or elsewhere. In fact five out the six pieces I had published were in devotional books (smile). I’ve heard that people have used the other book during their devotional times, so what does that say? LOL!

    That said, I tend to read devotional books in chunks, not daily, although I have many daily books (365 devotions in a year), I usually read several devotions in one sitting. My mother-in-law reads hers each day, she is very disciplined that way.

    As for what I’ve read or am reading, I am reading the Women of Faith Devotional Bible which has devotionals built in to my regular Bible reading. The devotionals are more random, not daily, but I have read through the Daily Walk Devotional Bible (I think that’s what it’s called, I gave it back to my mom when I was done after the year because it was one of her favorite Bibles) and enjoyed that very much.

    Generally I give and receive devotional books as gifts, like the one my sister-in-law gave me at Christmas, “Irrepressible Hope” (Women of Faith). I’m also enjoying reading through “The One Year Life Verse Devotional” from the One Year series. Well, you know my connection with that book, but I am so enjoying other people’s life verses and what that particular Scripture means to them.

    Well, that’s it for now my friend.

    Love ya,


  9. Mainly I read the Word—choose a plan and try to make the plan my guide through the year. Rarely use a devo book but when I do add to it, I will read either OC’s Utmost or John Eldredge’s Ransomed Heart quotes from his books or C.S. Lewis’ compilation of quotes from his books. But, mostly I don’t ever use devo books. I want to listen to what God says to me in the Word if I can hear Him and understand Him. Way too many devo books out there that is “fluff.”


  10. you know how undisciplined i am helen. i usually start a devotional and then get side-tracked and don’t finish them. But i do have to say that i have liked the Chuck Swindol ones. Especially Season’s of Life. it has sections for the season’s of the year. I love his teaching. I think that’s why i like them because they have some teaching to them not just a small insight. I usually use a devotional for a spring board into investigating more of what the particular verse says. I haven’t been doing a devotional lately but i have been reading a lot of psalms again as they speak to my prayer and worship heart. I of course love your devotional writings as well. and i can’t wait to buy my first autographed copy!


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