8 in 2008 Update

8 in 2008 Update

This is my monthly recap on the 8th of the month…whew…another month just flew past!  Here’s how I am doing with my great eight…some areas I am treading water…others I am learning some new strokes…still others I am perfecting those strokes…

1.  Read the Bible Cover to Cover chronologically-This goal is moving along well…despite a a couple times where I completely forgot to read…I am still thoroughly enjoying reading the Word in this way…reading the comments of the other bloggers…and writing recap posts…

2.  Celebrate time away with my husband-still a work in progress although we have been doing a little bit of dreaming…which is fun…

3.  Eat lunch everyday-I have made great strides in this goal…I don’t believe I have missed a day…I have been eating more consciously.  I have been making my lunch break a true break in the day…kind of like viewing it as the fuel and refreshment I need to get through the afternoon which is usually very full.  As I have made the effort and made it an occassion, I have actually eaten less…and as of this weekend…I have lost 10 pounds…

4.  Read The Chronicles of Narnia with Carl-we are still reading but I have a feeling we will make greater pace this summer…this spring is so busy for us and Carl would like us to begin doing a Bible study together…what could be better?!

5.  Pray for 8 who don’t know Him on the 8th of the month– I have made my list and lifted those blessed names to the Lord for His safe keeping and intervention.

6.  Hike the waterfall areas/snowshoe in the mountains-This is my hardest goal.  As I shared last month, I have arthritis in my knee…it is still very painful at times…this past week has been all about getting out of denial…I have not only lost a great deal of strength but flexibility in that leg.  On Monday, I decided to see if I could walk slowly on the treadmill…what an understatement…my normal pace would be 3.5 mph…I was at 1.5 with a limp so I had to hold onto the rails and I managed 10 minutes…this is quite demoralizing for one that has walked a marathon.  So no longer am I the physical therapist…I am the patient and I will now have to listen to my own instruction to others and slowly rehab this knee. As in life…progress is measured day by day…and in my case it will be second by second and by tenths of miles… But on the positive side…as I continue to lose weight this will lessen the impact on my poor knee.

7.  Be an active member of the 6:15 club-I will be honest…I am not doing well at all.  My heart is definitely willing but my body is so tired and I still wake up during the night with pain.  I encouraged a friend recently that God knows our seasons and has grace when we can’t get up like we desire…so once again, I will take my own advice.  I am going to work harder on getting to bed earlier…my time with the Lord is happening but just not before the family gets up…God has been faithful to give me snippets of unexpected time to draw near.

8.  Edit my favorite posts and see where they take me-I was to have 4 posts edited…I do not…I did compile a list of the ones I want to tackle.  This month I was knee deep…oh…no pun intended…ha…in finishing up my physical therapy continuing education hours online…now that I have finished that huge task…I will definitely start working on it.

Well, there you have it…another month…please click onto Elisa’s blog called Extravagant Grace to read her updates and others…

Any goals you are making progress towards…please feel free to share!




9 thoughts on “8 in 2008 Update

  1. Keep up the great work! Look at what you’ve accomplished! May God give you the strength and ability to tackle those physical ones, but don’t beat yourself up and try something when you shouldn’t! Blessings!


  2. I know that sometimes things can get really discouraging. I wanted to walk again (for months now), but haven’t found the time. I think I just need to do it. I do hope that your knee will get better as your work with your treadmill to get things going again…
    Wow – you have lost 10 lbs – that is an awesome achievement!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your update with us.

    Blessings to you and yours…


  3. Sounds like you’re doing really well!! We all have our limitations or extenuating circumstances, and you’ve done an admirable job of working with them and not just giving up! Way to go!!


  4. Congratulations on eating lunch consistently and losing pounds!

    I, too, am working on getting to bed earlier. Lately, I’ve been a little too tired in rising.

    Hubby and I are beginning to dream up an anniversary trip for August. He’s on some sort of email list for Southwest, notifying him of all the deals that are happening…


  5. I’ve been struggling with the Chronological readings. I get intimidated easily by all of you who seem to have a better understanding than I do. I’m finally feeling better about just taking what lingers… and letting that be enough! I’m sorry I haven’t come over here more often to see your insights! I can learn so much from you! Have a great day!
    Angie xoxo


  6. Thanks so much for sharing your list. Your thoughts and reflections were insightful and challenging. Taking your own advice is a mindset I ought to follow, too. I’m so able to dish it out, but often expect to handle my own struggles in a different way. Humbling, for sure! But I do thank God for the kernels of wisdom He provides through be in relationship with others.

    May you have a blessed month ahead and my prayers are for you to report in on your knee improving next month!



  7. Such a great update on your goals. I too am reading the bible chronologically and have enjoyed it this way. I am in Luke now, but back blogging the old testament.

    You have insightful thoughts on your progress and reminders to yourself of God’s truth!


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