No “Ya-buts”* about it…

In our family, we don’t allow “ya-buts”…I am sure you are familiar with this exchange…

Question:  Did you remember to empty the trash cans?

Answer:  Ya-but…I forgot…

Response:  No, ya-buts…

That may sound like we are a family lacking grace…there is definitely the extension of grace but it can become a casual habit to make excuses.

This week, God gently walked me through an area of trust where I struggle and struggle and struggle.  As soon as I voiced my doubts, my “ya-buts”…I was flooded with the memories of these verses:

“Is anything too hard for the LORD ?” (Genesis 18: 14)

 “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

From the first book of the Old Testament and the first book of the New Testament, we are reminded that there is not anything that is too hard for God AND that all things are possible with God!  Could it be that God knew that His people would have the tendency to think their circumstances as insurmountable?  He lets us know right from the start…all things are possible when you walk with Him.

In my trust challenge, I have faith in God to do the impossible but as I lingered longer with the Lord, I realized that I lack trust in this someones free will to choose or reject God. 

God had me once again lay this person at the foot of Jesus and not get up until I could not/would not snatch them back.

Because with God there are no ya-buts…

Is anything too hard for the Lord…ya-but what about this?

With God all things are possible…ya-but what about this situation?

There are no excuses that can exist in the context of God’s Perfect Light and All-Powerful  Presence…there is only the Absolute Truth of His Character and His Word.

What area in your life or in the lives of those around you do you find difficult to fully submit to the Lord?

Where are you tempted to say “ya-but”? 

So today we say YES LORD…
Come Lord Jesus…
Come and take the broken pieces of our lives…
We entrust them to You…

Do that which we could never do…
The unimaginable…
The impossible…
Smooth the hard by Your miracles…

Help us to let You be You…
The God of Wonders…
The God of Grace…
The One Who Makes All Things Possible…

Praise You Lord!  AMEN…AMEN!

*To my surprise, “ya-buts” was in my spell check…wow…it must be even more common than I imagined!

6 thoughts on “No “Ya-buts”* about it…

  1. Wow, Helen, you devotionals are always so direct and easy to keep in mind. No more “ya-buts” in trusting my God! Thanks for the encouragement and have a blessed weekend my dear!


  2. Mmmh…the One that makes ALL things possible. Thank you, yet again, for using this gift the way that you do. And thank you for praying for Mr. C. I hear he’s doing very well now. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Fully submit to the Lord, that’s they key isn’t it? Often we think we are submitting when in reality we do it half-heartedly. Oh may we learn to yield everything to the Lord. Great post Helen 🙂


  4. This was so true and touched my spirit. This is an area that I have learned so much about this last year. I am continually reminded that the closer I am to resting in Him, the more I am able to rest in His promises and less willing to rest in my ability.


  5. Hey Miss Kim,
    Always nice to get a comment from you!

    You are definitely right on…worship is key…it sets our mind on Him where it should be firmlly planted!

    Boy you were up early yet again!


  6. kimz says:

    read this morning dear friend. Wow how often do we say to God I know that you are omnipotent but you probably won’t work here!!!!So much stuff we believe in our heads and and it doesn’t translate to our hearts. For me worship is the key. Turning my heart towards the Lord and away from the circumstances. This was a great lesson and reminder.


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