8 in 2008 Update…

8 in 2008 Update…



You can read my original 8 in 2008 post with more in depth explanations here.

I forgot to post this on the 8th as I was out of town…but here is my update:

1.  Read the Bible Cover to Cover Chronologically-I am going strong and with the addition of writing a weekly post it has deepened my reading experience…the bonus is that I will have a written record of what God has revealed this year in His Word and in me.

2.  Celebrate with my husband our belated 20th anniversary-I should probably clarify…we definitely celebrated and marked the occasion but the plans we had were cancelled due to my father’s sudden illness…the greatest blessing was that God spared him and gave us a miracle.  I am really tempted to take this goal off my list because I feel like I won’t have any progress on it until much later in the year…but God is showing me that I am not supposed to “scratch” this one off the list and trust that it will be accomplished…not sure how but I am believing.

3.  Eat lunch everyday-I have done much better in this area…I am more mindful to stop and eat a healthy lunch…it sounds so silly to make my 4 year old lunch and go without myself but it has been my reality…I am trying to sit down and not be rushing around doing chores.

4.  Complete the Chronicles of Narnia with Carl-still reading!

5.  Tell my testimony to someone who doesn’t know the Lord-this goal was met last month and of course will be ongoing…so I am copying Elisa and will be praying on the 8th of each month for 8 people to come to Jesus!

6.  Hike through 3 waterfalls areas here in Oregon and/or go snowshoeing-Well, x-rays results last week, revealed mild arthritis in my painful knees…oh the aging process…I will begin to slowly start walking again this week and hope that by summer time I will be up to tackling the waterfalls.  Actually this diagnosis may actually be a positive push in the right direction to not only keep exercising but stretch, strengthen and lose some of my fluff to help my knees out a bit…at least that is how I am choosing to see it.

7.  Be an active member of the 6:15 club-It is happening but closer to 6:30…but it is happening and that is a good thing!

8.  Edit my favorite posts and see where God takes them-It is very easy to push this one aside as I have some pressing projects and tasks that have an actual deadline but I know it is important as I have had a few nudges from unexpected places…my goal for next time is that I will do one a week…so I should have 4 done by April 8th.

You can still join in 8 in 2008…click here and here to learn more. I try to visit all the sites and read their 8…I must say I always come away inspired and encouraged…plus I want to steal all their goals… What goals are you working on for this year…and how are you doing?  I’d love to hear them…feel free to leave a comment and share!  No goals?  Pick one today or remind yourself of something you abandoned long ago…this year just may be the year that it is accomplished…dream big!

Be blessed,


5 thoughts on “8 in 2008 Update…

  1. Love to read these! My bible reading has been pretty sporadic lately, so I’m looking forward to creating a habit of doing this daily in the a.m. again. I always enjoy your Cover to Cover.


  2. I’ve so enjoyed reading through your list. It is like a window into your life and makes me appreciate God’s creativity displayed in each one of us. Glad to hear about all the things going well, especially the Bible reading! That spurs me on! Thanks for sharing!



  3. Wonderful way to stay on track 🙂

    I hope it goes well for you on those articles. I have a few cooking in my mind right now I need to get working on 🙂

    Have a great day!


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