And they said it couldn’t be done…

And they said it couldn’t be done…


Alright…I know this picture looks a bit goofy…if you have read my 100 things…which commemorated my 100th post…then you may have stumbled onto the fact that I have had a struggle with consistently hard boiling an egg!  I was so relieved that my friend Susan has this challenge as well…so just when I thought that we might need to begin a support group…I got the notion to make potato salad today and of course needed a couple of hard boiled eggs…I took a deep breath…pulled out the Fanny Farmer and carefully followed the instructions with the exception of poking a hole in the top of the egg….

Courtney and I were silent as I cut the egg open and it revealed such a nice shade of sunshiny yellow…hooray!

 Funny the small thing assigned today at Home Sanctuary was to do some thing “bad”…you will have to click here to see what that means…I thought that I would boil my eggs badly but I ended up doing them well!

What is something that seems so trivial yet you  just can’t seem to  master…I’d love to hear!

I think my potato salad is going to taste extra good tonight!

3 thoughts on “And they said it couldn’t be done…

  1. Oh yummy, potato salad sounds good. My Nanna (my dad’s mom) makes a fantastic potato salad with eggs too and crunchy celery bits.

    And you’re too funny about that egg support group! You’ll never guess what I found at the store this week. A bag of hard boiled eggs with the shell all ready peeled off! And it was the healthy brand of eggs too! My teenager loves hard boiled eggs and my sister from time to time will make a batch for him as a treat. Sounds alittle odd, but my teen LOVES it.

    Now as far as a trivial thing I can’t master besides the egg boiling (I whipped up a mouth watering tender London Broiil Steak tonight – go figure that one out – lol) Let’s see… making homemade gravy. Always turns out lumpy no matter how hard I try, even if I follow the directions to a “T”.


  2. Ha ha…you are funny! I will have to scout out those eggs in a bag…that would be so nice and convenient…especially if they are the healthy ones like you said…I have changed to the “good” eggs and they taste and look so much better…

    I must admit…I am not the best at gravy either but I have learned how to make a roux with butter and flour and slowly add the liquid or make a paste with water/broth and water and that helps to not have a lumpy mess…but you know…I like lumpy mashed potatoes…it means they are made from potatoes not flakes…Carl’s mom would always say smooth gravy comes from a jar…lol!

    So freedom from the lumpy gravy…and the London Broil sound fabulous…when can I come for dinner?!


  3. Hop on your next flight out – and bring the family! (smile) Really, if you’re ever traveling somewhere near PA, you’ll have to stop by.

    And the eggs in the bag, “Eggland’s Best, Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs”. I’m looking at the back of the bag and it looks like their local, King of Prussia, Pa. So it shouldn’t be too long before it catches on and hits out West with one of the local egg manufacturers.

    Oh and one more thing, you should have heard my husband’s reaction when he opened the fridge and saw the bag. He rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t believe it…” I think it was more like, “I don’t believe you actually bought that!” lol!


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