7 Random Things…

7 Random Things…

Mrs. Jules tagged me to list 7 random facts about myself.

7 random things…

1.  I love yams…but not sweet potatoes…too stringy.

2. I recently have developed a “thing” for doing sudoku…who knew?!

3. I hate having cold feet…I usually start the night with socks and end up kicking them off sometime during the night.

4. I could watch the movie Sense and Sensibility over and over again…I love it.

5. This actually happened…my friend Kim can back me up…at Starbuck’s a couple weeks ago, the barista said that I looked like Dr. Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy…then she quickly added but a lot smaller than her…I decided to be flattered…I do think she is cute and hilarious on that show.  Did I mention I ordered a skinny latte?

6. I just got my hair cut yesterday…quite a bit actually and Caleb said…Oh Mama…your hair looks so silly!  HA!  One moment I am an actress…the next minute, I am brought back to earth by a 4 year old.

7. I love to sit next to my husband in church, catch his glance in understanding and smile inwardly.  I also love to watch him out of the corner of my eye as the Word is imparted on his mind, soul and spirit…you didn’t know I had such great eyesight…

I’m tagging Susan, Bo, Helen, Caffevino, Gracie, Myra
and anyone else that wants to play!

The Rules:

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-Post 7 random facts about yourself on your blog.
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5 thoughts on “7 Random Things…

  1. Hey Helen, yes, it is wonderful having sisters. I have one brother too. We all live about 1 hour away so it makes it easy for family get togethers. For awhile my younger sister lived in Virginia Beach while her husband was in law school. Let’s just say our family made it a favorite vacation spot. But there’s nothing like living close by 🙂


  2. Alright…you must watch that movie…I have only seen the one with Kate Winslet…but PBS has been having a Jane Austen Winter and every Sunday night they are showing different movies…Pride and Prejudice is on for the next two weeks but Sense and Sensibility will be on soon…I will try to give you a heads up…I have not seen that version and I am looking forward to it…How wonderful to have sisters…do they live close by?


  3. Wonderful 🙂 I’ll try to play along soon. Can you believe I haven’t seen Sense and Sensibility yet? My sisters have and love it! And how wonderful what you wrote about your husband. Great eyesight my friend 🙂


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