8 in 2008 Update…

8 in 2008 Update…


How did a month go by so quickly?  I had a great deal of expectancy starting out 2008 and I am pleased to say that I still do!

On the 8th of each month, I will be posting an update of how I fared with living more intentionally along with others that have joined Elisa in this pursuit.  You can read the original post on Extravagant Grace here and you can link to all updates here…you may find some goals that you might want take for your own.

Here’s my update:

  1. Read the Bible Cover to Cover Chronologically-If I could only complete one goal, this would be the one I would want to be fulfilled.  I have been reading along with the other Cover to Cover readers and it has been incredible.  We have read all of Genesis, Job and are almost through Exodus.  Each week, I am writing a post about what God impressed in my spirit…it has been amazing to read the Word with fresh eyes, mind and heart and to also read what touched others…I must admit that I got a little behind this week…but I am happy to carve out the time necessary today to get caught up…huge blessing!
  2. Celebrate my 20th anniversary with my husband before we get to our 22nd in July-nothing has moved in this area BUT the idea is out there and just thinking about it will cause some momentum.
  3. Stop eating at 8pm-Can I say that I was relieved to read that Elisa sometimes just forgot completely about some of her goals.  Wow…I would find myself munching on some popcorn and realize that it was waaaayyy past 8 and I hadn’t even clued in.  However, being more intent on this area caused me to realize that my evening eating is caused by not eating enough during the day so I would like to change this goal to Eat lunch everyday.
  4. Complete the Chronicles of Narnia with Carl-two down…5 to go.
  5. Tell my testimony to someone who doesn’t know the Lord-about a week after I wrote this goal, I had the opportunity to tell many aspects of my salvation story…it wasn’t a start to finish testimony but I  think in the context of chatting with a friend…it was how it was supposed to be…
  6. Hike through 3 waterfall areas here in Oregon and/or go snowshoeing-I set this goal because I thought it sounded more fun than putting down that I want to exercise so many days each week…I thought that it would imply that I would need a certain amount of fitness to even want to do either activity.  I have not done either…the waterfalls will have to wait until warmer weather…I will have to snowshoe next winter…I have been dealing with a bad knee injury and it has been frustrating to not even walk my dog very often or wince when I use the stairs…but i am trying not to let it get me down…it will heal…I pray.
  7. Be an active member of the 5am club which in my case will be the 6:15 club-I would say half of the month I did really well…which is amazing because I had a horrible cold and just wanted to dissolve into my mattress most days…this last half of the month…I can’t tell you how often I have hit the snooze button…it has been a bit pathetic…each day when I hear the noises of my awakening family and I have only had 20 to 30 minutes alone with the Lord…I lament pushing that snooze button…I am seeing that this goal begins the night before and getting my head on the pillow a bit earlier.  To find out more about the 5am club click here.
  8. Edit my favorite posts and see where God takes them-I have printed out a few but have not made much progress…I feel that I will have more success when I finish up my online continuing education hours that is needed to renew my physical therapy license to be completed by the end of March.

So there you have it…not too painful!  If you want to join in click on link above.

 Although, it was not on my list of 8…I have been faithfully joining Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary in the Sanctuary of Small Things…Monday through Friday she has small things that will add in making your home and life a sanctuary…it has been a real kick…and it hasn’t been all about cleaning either…check it out…it’s fun…if for nothing else, to hear what music she picks out each day…check out today’s here…this would be a great one to start…but each small thing expires…so you have to do it today…FRIDAY!  I doubt I will ever win any of the prizes she gives away at the end of each month…but I have already received a huge prize…my home and life is becoming more of the sanctuary that I so richly desire!

Have a blessed weekend and thank you Elisa!


7 thoughts on “8 in 2008 Update…

  1. Yippeeeee, Helen! What an exciting list and many wonderful praises to be given to the Lord. I am with you on the Bible reading plan. That has become one of the most unexpected joys, even when I dread the time it takes. We used to get the girls to bed by 8:00. Now with reading, I’m sometimes not down the stairs until 8:30 and the night feels cut short. Yet the time in the Word is impacting my spiritual life in tremendous ways. I feel like I know God — who He is — better. I’ll pray for you and covet your prayers for me in this most important goal.



  2. Oh Susan,
    I am praying that my knee will recover although the physical therapist part of me is trying hard not to believe the worst…but if it isn’t much better this weekend…I will have to submit to seeing someone about it…we health care people make the worst patients….lol


  3. Great list my friend. Glad to read about what you’re up to. Sorry about that knee, ouch – know what that’s like (ACL surgery many years ago).

    Have a great weekend!


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