The Shack Giveaway

The Shack Giveaway


 I have about a half hour of reading left before I will complete this great book and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you all.  I have now finished The Shack and still am anxious to share it with you…

The author has asked that those who have read the book to not give much away.  I will say that although it is fiction…it contains great truths within the pages and if you just let yourself go with the book, it may change your relationship with the Lord.

Here’s the fun…my blog underwent an appearance change about a week ago…if you can remember what was the previous header for A Work of Heart (it is hearts now…what was it before)…I will send you a brand new copy of The Shack…if you already have read it…then you can pass it on…and maybe I will add a little extra  goody as well…

If this proves to be too difficult…I will randomly select a winner from the comments left…so if you don’t know…still leave a comment…you might be a winner.

Take a guess…leave me a comment…do both…or take your pick.

I will announce the winner on Saturday afternoon…


For more information check out this website:  

5 thoughts on “The Shack Giveaway

  1. Oh dear me. I can’t remember where I put my purse every evening. Can’t remember where I put my keys at times. This week it seems i can’t remember to buy gas cause I ran out again. So, I’m racking my brain over here and coming up with Musings from Helen that I cannot picture but I think it was a pale yellow background on the header. I just love contests. But more than that, I REALLY want to read this book—it’s on my list. I’ve also heard a lot about Same Kind of Different as Me…in fact, our home fellowship wants to go Sunday night to hear him speak. You know, the setting is Fort Worth and it’s a true story. Anyway, your wordpress blog is so sophisticated and such a delightful presentation! Upscale!


  2. You know Bev…I think you are right…it is hard to remember such things…especially when we mostly just click our mouse and look at the most recent post. I have a feeling it will be a random drawing…lol…

    You are a doll…thanks for your comments…you are such an encouragement…

    OH…I have been hearing about Same Kind of Different as Me…in fact, just today I saw it mentioned on the LPM blog…so many books and so little time…my stack is getting higher and higher…


  3. How exciting! I’m hanging in suspense now…the book seems so intriguing. I remember rows of colorful file folders in your previous masthead…?

    P.S. We’re also getting ready to give away a goody gift box pretty soon…


  4. Argh, okay, I admit it: I have no clue at all what the design was before. But please congratulate me, that I realised that you have a new blogoutfit BEFORE I read your post 🙂

    But that’s okay, since I am from Europe anyway and I never take place in all the giveaways because of that silly shipping costs. But thanks for that recommendation. The book seems to be some great read and I put it on my “I want that” list 🙂

    Will have to wait some time though, since one of my lentil resolutions is to stop Amazon purchasing and visit the library instead.


  5. I’m lowering my eyes so I don’t cheat and read the other comments, tempting as it may be. I’m going to go with the blog display that had reds, blues, and greens, kind of like a rainbow spray… that’s your original anyhow as far as I remember :0

    This book sounds intriguing and what a cool looking picture, it moves 🙂


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