Free Rice…

Free Rice…


Today I spent about 15 minutes on the Free Rice site and donated 500 grains of rice by guessing word definitions…you know how I love word definitions.

Even if you are not into words like me…click onto this site and increase your vocabulary and in just moments you can make a difference and join in ending world hunger. 

When the girls were little they loved a book called What If Everyone Did That?  The book showed how just little acts when multiplied by many hands make a difference…this book’s take was on the negative such as throwing our trash out the window, running stop lights, not bathing…we would have a garbage-filled, accident prone smelly world…

So…what if everyone added as many grains of rice to the big cooking pot as possible…there would be more stomachs full today and everyday.

I will attempt to post the site banner to my sidebar but if I have problems you can click here.



2 thoughts on “Free Rice…

  1. When you mentioned the book – What If Everyone Did That? – I got to thinking. What if every Christian evangelized to the people in their neighborhood or workplace? So many times a lot of us leave the witnessing for other Christians to do. What If Everyone – obeyed Jesus when He said to go make disciples of all nations. We could all do our part in our own nation. Sounds like the beginning of another post, possibly. You have a neat blog, here. I can tell that you love God and want to grow as a Christian.


  2. Helen, just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve also been reading the archives and you are extremely gifted. I’m glad you left a comment on my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to visit here. 😉


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