Two Questions…

Two Questions…

Lately,the two questions that Caleb asks me everyday are:

  1. Mommy, is it still Christmas?
  2. Mommy, are you happy?

These questions give me reason to pause…especially since I have been asked the second one repeatedly as the day unfolds… 

Is it still Christmas…well, the answer should always be “yes” because of the true meaning of Christmas…celebrating the Savior’s birth and the entrance of living and breathing Redemption should be experienced daily.

Am I happy…yes, I am happy but deeper than this is an abiding joy that I have because of the above reality in my life.  The key is to show that joy despite the frenzy of this blessed season.

Today…is it still Christmas or are you dreading it…do you find yourself behind in shopping and cookie baking…are you overwhelmed by your list…too many festivities to attend or host…

Are you happy or more to the point…are you joyful?  I hope that the answer to both is not a knee jerk “yes” but a heart felt “amen”.

While I am at it…why don’t I release you from the tyranny of doing…I give you permission to say “no” to whatever is robbing your Christmas and stealing your joy…you might be surprised that others understand…you might even give them permission to do the same…take a little time to sit at Jesus’ feet and rest yours in the process…

I have never posted a family picture on this blog…this is from Christmas last year…Courtney is now braceless but we are all smiling and eyes open so enjoy…if you don’t know me personally…I wonder how you imagined me…

Joyous Christmas to you from our family to yours…



Carl, Helen, Carlen, Courtney and Caleb Washington

**Thank you Courtney for helping me make this gigantic picture blog friendly…

3 thoughts on “Two Questions…

  1. Oh Helen, what a LOVELY family you have!!! Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse! Yes, joy, a deep abiding joy. It’s one that Jesus gives, even through the storms of life. I get that from your writing and oh how it shines through in your family picture. You know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words…

    Blessings and Joy today dear sister.
    In Christ’s eternal love,


  2. Nice pic Helen! you are way cool with this blog….and i love Caleb’s questions…
    Blessings and joy this season…and yes, it’s Christmas every day for those that believe in Jesus…


  3. Wow, thanks SO much for sharing, I loved seeing the photo. Your girls are so much grown up already! Somehow I imagined them being smaller.
    Even though I don’t comment on all – be ensured that I am reading each single one of your posts.


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