It is December and as much as I try to keep myself calm, cool and collected…there is usually a bit too much busyness for one month…calendars are bursting with parties and events…even grabbing a few supplies include wading through the increased numbers of shoppers.

One key to keeping our head and our heart in this season is to not forsake our time with the Lord…we are celebrating Him after all.

I try to keep my quiet times simple this time of year…now is not the time to attempt to memorize Isaiah or begin praying 2 hours at one sitting.  I find that I can center my time with reading the morning reading from  Daily Light followed by reading the psalm of the day followed by every 30th one until I reach the end by then I am ready to spend some time in prayer if I haven’t already. I may jot down any nuggets in my journal.  If I have time, then I will read whatever book of the Bible I am currently spending time in and if I still have time I will work on my Bible study…right now I am just two weeks away from finishing Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place…it’s all about the tabernacle and it has been nothing short of amazing.  Usually sometime in the evening, I will finish whatever I didn’t get to in the morning and conclude with the evening reading of Daily Light. 

I wish that I could say that I am perfect all the time…lately I have had a difficult time even getting out of  bed before Caleb is awake…so then this quiet time is much later and just reading the scriptures in Daily Light will have to get me through but I know that God knows my heart, my body and my soul and He has grace enough for each day when I literally stumble out of bed.   

If you are struggling with keeping your appointment with God, perhaps you might want to click here and see some great tips I found today…very practical and simple ones.  I knew I liked this guy as he uses my favorite journals by Moleskine…in fact I can’t believe that I haven’t put them down as one of my favorite things…well, now I have!  There’s another tip there…read great blogs…I never cease to come away from blogs written by believers who I know are not letting their Bibles gather dust…it always spurs me on to a little digging of my own.

This is a season where we celebrate the Alpha and the Omega…I hope we can all find a still moment at the beginning or end of our day with the Lover of our Souls.



 **I did mention Moleskine journals before…click here to see where!

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