Mathetes Award…


On October 28th of this year I received the Mathetes Award from Susan and still feel deeply grateful and humbled.  You can read that post by clicking here. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to fulfill all of the requirements.

I will again mention the originator of this award is Dan King of Management by God.

I mentioned above that I received the designation from Susan at Adventurous Living.

The first of my five picks for Mathetes Award is:

Joanne at The Simple Wife.

Joanne, I love your site.  I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your site but I am so pleased that I found you.  Joanne’s site is so cute yet sophisticated and immediately draws you in.  I have been touched by her vulnerability surrounded challenges in her life…when one is real it instantly brings connection.  She has a huge desire to follow Christ.  I especially feel empowered to embrace the simple life that I long for when I take a few moments to read about Joanne’s day.  Joanne brings enthusiasm to making your home a centerpiece for Christ to dwell.  Everytime I visit it feels like Joanne has definitely found the “stuff of life” and that “stuff” is good, meat real stuff…deeply rich and satisfying.  She’s even reading two books that I am reading by my new favorite author Mark Buchanan…need I say more. 

Thanks Joanne for being a disciple of Christ and leading us on the way as well.

 Joy to you,



2 thoughts on “Mathetes Award…

  1. Hi Helen! I popped over from Joanne’s site. You described her perfectly. I just discovered Mark Buchanan not too long ago too, and WOW. I’m reading Hidden in Plain Sight right now.

    Joy to you too!


  2. Ah, Helen, it will be fun this way, checking in a little at a time to see. Looking forward to visiting your pics. I’m sure they’re awesome!


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