Media Free Zone…

Media Free Zone…

Last Monday, I decided that our family would take one hour each day (Monday through Thursday) and have what I called a “media free zone”.  It would be from 7pm to 8pm…there would be no use of television, radios, CD players, iPods, cell phones, telephones…did I cover it all? 

I felt increasingly like there was little silence in our home and very little time just to be with our own thoughts without an assault from some type of technology. 

When I emailed my husband that afternoon…he said it sounded fine but it might have to be altered for games schedules.  I replied that the girls’ sports were done for the season….no reply from him…I later learned he meant Monday Night Football and such!

When, I told Courtney complete with one earphone in her ear and her cell phone in one hand…her eyes widened and with a big smile she questioned…what if someone calls me?  To which, I replied…they will call back or will leave a message!  She just giggled.

Today is Friday and I am pleased to say that we made it all week with our one hour of media freedom intact…we read books, completed homework, worked in our offices, played games with Caleb and read him books…and the phone only rang once.  No one has complained and I sense that we all appreciate less noise clutter…the time often lingers past the appointed hour to plug back in.

Little did I know as I write this entry from the Multnomah County Library that we would experience media free to a larger extent…our computer hard drive has crashed.  Did God know that all of us would need to take some baby steps to deal with this unexpected unplug…actually I think Ihave had the most adjusting to do…I realize how often I check my emails, surf the web, write on my blog and read other blogs…it adds up to a lot of time…so this post has a dual purpose of sharing how tied up with technology my family has become and also that I may not be as active on this blog until the problem is remedied.

One thing I did do during one evening was write a few more of my favorite things, so enjoy them until the next time I can write…take a little time to enjoy the silence…do whatever is necessary to find it…your soul will be refreshed and you will hear God…I promise you!



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