Mathetes Award

Mathetes Award


I was completely surprised and humbled last week when I received a comment from Susan at Adventurous Living requesting that I visit her site.  She is a new blogging friend that stumbled onto my site via Writer’s…Interrupted’s blog ring…it was as quick as a mouse click as I had already added her site to my favorites as my eyes, mind and soul did a joyous dance around her amazing blog. 

I am still new to this blogging world but I learned from reading her latest post that there is a blogging award that is bestowed by and to bloggers…called the Mathetes Award.

Mathetes is a Greek word for “disciple”.  This award is given to blogs that exemplify discipleship. Susan had received this award herself from two blogger friends…once you receive it you pass on the love!

These are the lovely words that Susan said about A Work of Heart:
I just couldn’t pass awarding Helen with the Mathetes Award.  When I first came across her site I thought, “This is a diamond needle in the haystack of blogland.”  Really, you will be so blessed by her site.  Helen’s writing is vivid, real, refreshing, and challenging.  She brings you right to the feet of Jesus and that to me is the ultimate definition of a true disciple of Christ.”

High praise when one considers the source…thanks!

I vividly remember rededicating my life to the Lord my senior year of high school and besides the Bible…I spent a lot of time reading and just holding Winkie Pratney’s Handbook for Followers of Jesus (does anyone remember that book?)…I recall it having footprints and either the Bible or the Cross on the cover…still today…that’s all I want to be is a follower of Christ and that others may know Him as well…thank you Susan for your kindness and encouragement…a truly rich blessing!

Winners of this award are asked to follow these rules:

  1. Name the originator of the award with a link.
  2. Name the person that awarded you.
  3. Name the person and sites of five that you believe are fulfiilling the role of a disciple.

***This award not only is a humbling experience but I pray it is not humiliating as I am just learning how to add links…so here goes…

The originator of this award is:
Dan King of Management by God.

The bestower of this award is Susan at Adventurous Living.

Now for my five picks…I am going to post them later on this week as I have found that many of my most visited blogs have already been received this award but I didn’t want to wait another day to express my gratitude.

So…keep a watch out for more blogs that you can visit…

Peace and love to you,


One thought on “Mathetes Award

  1. Helen, you are a sweetheart. Wow… I’m speechless. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

    You do have a gift from God to write. Never doubt it…

    Can’t wait to see your five pics.


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