I must admit that I have been a bit “down in the dumps” lately.  I really hadn’t noticed or actually taken the time to notice…there is always so much to do each day, isn’t there?  I don’t know exactly why…I mean, I can’t just extend my hand and reach the “thing” that has given me the fatigue of my spirit…I just know that it is there, despite going about my daily tasks, beyond being a part of fun celebrations and happenings…even though it is summer.  There is still a part of a brick that is anchoring me earthbound more than usual.

I have done a lot of gardening lately…literally and figuratively.  I notice my garden areas encompass so many stages right now…strong and steady hollyhocks that sway in the breeze–heavy-laden with buds ready to explode.  Ten years ago, I abruptly pulled them out of the ground, or so I thought.  They had become a sour memory of staking them one late July morning when Carl returned home with lunch bag in hand…he had been laid off. 

The next summer, when the hollyhocks were bending parallel to the ground as if weighed down by life as I was, I removed them from view.  They suffered sudden heartbreak, yet their resilient root system allowed them to grace my garden again…this time tall, straight and not a stake in sight.  Oh, I remember the former days but I am grateful for the distance of time.

There are plants that I forgot that I had placed in different places or from an impulse purchase…they are such a pleasant surprise much like an unexpected phone call or letter from a friend that you miss.

Carl and I replanted a tree that had virtually disintegrated the whiskey barrel where it had resided.  It was quite a daunting task to separate the root system from the soil…roots that had obliterated the wooden base and pushed to the depths of the earth below.

Upon removing the tree, all that remained of the former occupant, was a huge gaping chasm and mounds of soil that had been dislodged from the surgery.  Before seeds or plants could cover the area, the hole had to be filled and the ground leveled.

I’ve done a lot of digging in my life this year.  At times, it has felt like someone ripped me out of the ground without warning and I was helpless to stop it because of the burdens of life.

Other times, I have felt strong and steady like a tree yet I was being transplanted…moving to a new soil…a soil that I never expected to inhabit.  I could feel myself wonder,”Does anyone remember that I am a partial shade kind of girl?”  My roots were deep and anchored and it was not easy to remove them, especially when I resisted the change in locale.

I believe the soil of my life…my heart, mind and soul has been relandscaped.  Some of it I have asked for…some I have not.  Some areas have grown back strong…some still need constant watering to avoid wilting from extreme heat.  Some will bloom tomorrow and others when I least expect it.

So…today, the rain is fitting…growth against dark skies.  Refreshment and penetration from heaven for weary and parched souls.  Sprouts that shout that a garden is never stagnant even if it is just full of weeds.  My life never stands still.

My garden beckons to me to “COME!” much the way my Savior reminds me to come whenever I am weary.  My tender Savior who wants to tend to me just like I tend to my garden’s needs. 

Today the Lord says:  “Don’t cluck your tongue at the showers of summer.  I brought you rain today to water you and your garden…to give you rest…today just gaze at my creation and find joy…each phase has been designed to give you strength.  I look at you…my creation and I find even greater joy.”

And in this moment, my spirit lifts and I say to my Creator:

“Right back at you Lord!
Right back at you!”

And just a little bit quieter….”Thank You Lord for the weeding, the pruning, the transplanting, the uprooting, the sunshine and the rain and the much needed fertilizer…thank You for it all!”

2 thoughts on “Digging…

  1. I believe God smiles when we ‘get it’. The rain, the heat, the transplanting…all His design, yet our choice to fight it or flow with it. The deepest, most painful times, bring the greatest growth and eventual fruit, and oh, is it sweet! Precious Helen, how the Father is smiling at you and your tender heart toward His plans for you and for your willingness to be all that He designed and your submission to His place in His garden. This is the definition of maturity. I am proud of you and spurred on to do the same. 🙂 This is another beautiful, God-breathed, piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Hi Helen,
    I got the book from Karen, thank you. And thank you for the note and letting me know about your blog. I’ll check in from time to time. It was good to see you and hear from you.



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