Isaiah 28:20 (Amplified)

Isaiah 28:20 (Amplified)

I read this scripture a couple weeks ago and it has really messed with me…it just won’t let me go.  I realize that it must be speaking to me in ways that I may not want to hear or recognize in my own life.

 I just began a group Bible study at church called Believing God and one of the areas we are concentrating on for the 10 weeks is sanctification (holiness of life and character)…we are to choose an area in our life that we need to commit to God and we are all wearing blue bracelets as a reminder of our commitment. 

This scripture reminds me that anything that I choose to put my confidence in other than God will leave me cold and uncomfortable.

“For they will find that the bed is too short for a man to stretch himself on and the covering too narrow for him to wrap himself in. (All their sources of confidence will fail them.)”

Today, my question to myself and to you is…what in your life are you trying to wrap yourself in that will never completely cover you?  What is your “bed” that you are lying in that does not allow you to stretch out in freedom and security?

I thought the picture that this scripture describes was so vivid…we all know what it is like to sleep in a bed that is too small or to have the covers pulled off of us….I pray that God will pull the covers off the areas in our lives that provide false comfort.

May you have courage to allow God to remove the ineffectual blankets and let Him clothe and enfold you in His complete presence and righteousness.


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