Books and Blogs…

Books and Blogs…

On my last birthday, I happen to visit one of my favorite blogs to catch up and the post for my birthday was all about starting your own blog.  The blogger had basically done all the work for me and gave the links of 5 different blogging sites that she gave her “thumbs up” approval.  I decided that day that I would start a blog of my own and have a place to finally put my writing and  begin to live out the dream of being a writer.  Regardless if I ever get a paid a single dollar as a writer, this blog has filled a deep place in my soul and my life.

 Today I was looking at a link from the blog I mentioned earlier and on that particular blog there was a reading challenge.  This blogger issues a quarterly challenge to fellow bloggers and readers of her blog.  Those that are participating in the challenge “sign in” and you are able to click any given link and see the list of books that they are planning to read over the next 3 months.  This was very addictive…I spent an hour and a half clicking onto all these wonderfully creative blogs and reading book titles…a kind of heaven for me personally. 

I am not very computer savvy so I don’t know how to post the logo for the challenge but I will give you the link so that you can click away to your heart’s desire!  On the sidebar, you will find  my 2007 Reading List…there you will find the books that I plan to tackle this year and I am going to embark on reading more fiction this year.  I would love it if you would take this challenge with me….post a comment that includes the books that you have read and are planning to read this year…it can be as small or as impressive as you desire.  There is no pressure to finish the book list…but it might be a nice goal to work on together.  Depending on how many people decide to take this challenge, I may add some incentives to keep you engaged.

The link for the Spring Reading Thing is by Katrina and her blog is called Callapidder Days.  I must say that had I looked at all these blogs prior to starting one, I probably would have never attempted  one seeing what is out there in the blog world.

 You have been reading my writing for awhile  so now join me in reading other writers!



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