Spiritual Journals

Spiritual Journals

I have a large milk crate that is overflowing with  my most current journals.

An assortment of spirals, exquisitely bound books, composition notebooks, some large and some small.  I tend to fancy the larger variety as my print is anything but petite.  My favorite journals these days are Moleskines….love them, love them!  Easily portable and they open flat and I would imagine they work well for lefties or righties alike…they come in lined or blank pages to suit your personal preferences.

I have been re-reading some of my journals from a couple years ago.  It feels a bit scary to open the pages of ones life from days gone by but it has been really a blessing.

I am so glad that even during the trials of the past couple of years that I wrote even just a paragraph or two to sum up what I was feeling and what God was doing or at least what I so desperately hoped that He would do. 

It has been a blessing to see the scriptures that were life to me at those times and to read them over again quickly brings back the fullness of the Word and how deeply penetrating, healing and comforting it was then and remains even now.

Some entries were just recounting the day or a funny situation with the kids or praising God for provision or answered prayer.  Other days I might find a written prayer or even a dream that the Lord had begun to  birth in my heart.  As I went years and years back, there was always a common plea to God to help me know what to do with the writings that He continued to put on my heart…I am glad to know that there now occupies a place.  Answered prayer is a really great thing to realize again and again and see in black and white.

In Ronald Klug’s book entitled How To Keep A Spiritual Journal, he writes:
“I consider the time spent writing in my journal as sabbath time–a time of rest and solitude, a time to come apart to be with God and to reflect on His Word, to search for His will, and to record the insights I receive.  My journal has been the channel of many blessings.”

I completely agree with his sentiments.  I also know that I would forget so much if it were not recorded and for that I am thankful for even a few lines to remind me of important milestones in life.  I believe that if left to my own remembrances I would focus on the most obvious facts and not see the gentle nuances that clearly were evidences of the Father’s hand guiding my life.

If you have given up writing in a journal because you feel you are not a writer or your handwriting is poor or you feel like you don’t have time to sit and be still; I would encourage you to reconsider adding this discipline back into your life.  Grab a notebook and make it your own…it could be as simple as writing a scripture that spoke to you during your time with the Lord, it could be writing out your prayers, listing what you are thankful for in any given day, or writing out your hopes and dreams if you can’t dare to speak them aloud.  You can take a month or a year to fill a journal, it does not matter because it is for you alone…there is no time table…but the longer you wait, the pages of your life will remain empty.

Since this posting is under the Random Thoughts category, I will include two quotes that I found while perusing a journal…I love them, they make me weep and basically  sums up why this blog even exists…a journal is a great place to gather all your favorite writings from others as well.

“Your first mission here on earth is to seek out and find, in daily, even hourly–communication, the one from Whom your mission is derived.  Your second mission is to do what you can, moment by moment, day by day, step by step, to make this world a better place, following the lead and guidance of God’s spirit within you and around you.  Your third mission is one which is uniquely yours, and that is: To exercise the talent that you particularily came to earth to use–your greatest gift, that which you most delight to use; in the places and settings God has caused to appeal to you most; and for those purposes that God most needs to have done in the world.”
                                                     Richard Nelson Bolles

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
                                                       Frederick Buechner

Take a hold of your favorite pen and find a safe place to entrust your life onto paper…you won’t regret it.

Leave me a comment if you are up to the challenge or tell me why you love to journal!

Joyous Journaling!!!

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Journals

  1. No idea if you’ll read a comment on last year’s blog…but…
    LOVED the quotes. Just recently I’m beginning to realize that the longings within me, the ones that aren’t going away — they are from God. I want to write more. I want to sing more. And so I’m looking for where God is leading.
    I love moleskins too.
    You might enjoy this blog of mine — reminded me of one of yours I just read…on the day you were out of sorts and you went to God that night. Anyhow…similar experience here. http://graciered.blogspot.com/2008/01/calling-on-name-of-lord.html

    Keep writing. I appreciate your humble style. Your honesty. It’s a wonderful moment of Sabbath to me as well.


  2. PS
    Have you read Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson? Her website is referenced on my blog. Great great book, including a chapter on journaling…


  3. Hi Gracie,

    You have made my Sunday and it already was a nice restful one…thanks for your sweet words.

    I am heading over to read your posts and see your site after I finish up here…looking forward to it!

    Oh…I read Fresh Brewed Life a long time ago…and I think I loaned it to someone who never returned it but I remember devouring it…I purchased it at a conference here in Portland with Priscilla Shirer (she was just Evans then), Margaret Becker sang (pure bliss), Mary Hunt and a few other women where there as well as Nicole and her husband (then) did a lot of drama…way before she started with Women of Faith…I may have to get another copy of it and read it again…just add it to the increasing pile of books!!!


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