Thank you to all of you that have checked out

A Work of Heart blog this past year!  I hope that you will continue to visit in 2007!

Blessed Christmas to you and a very Joyous New Year!




3 thoughts on “

  1. iwilllooktothehills says:

    Dear Helen,
    You’ve no idea how much reading this helped me today. I feel so much the way you do. What an encouragement to think of the “comeback” God has for us!
    I so look forward to your thoughts. As I read them I too (as your paretns and Carl) see you as so much more than you appareantly see yourself. Although I will have to say I have always dearly loved you exactly as you are since the day I met you.
    Now I get to see you as the beautfiul writer that you are which fills in the picture even more of who Helen is. You go girl!




  2. iwilllooktothehills says:

    Sorry for the spelling errors! Forgot to check before I submitted. Where is spell-check when I need it?!

    Jen again


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