I am an introvert by nature.  I love alone time…lately I crave time alone because it is scarce.  Sometimes I just want to putter around doing nothing in particular.  Other times I want to have an extended time with the Lover of my soul.  Carl feels that 15 minutes is enough time for him to refuel.  Perhaps I am a slow learner but I need time to marinate.

With three children and a dog, our house is anything but quiet.  Caleb’s normal speaking voice is a bellow and the girls do a pretty good job of adding to the decibel level as well. 

This past week I spent too much time hitting the snooze button which didn’t leave adequate time to have quiet times in the morning.  I would limp along until Caleb’s naptime, anxious to have some peace and quiet.

One such afternoon, I hightailed it to my favorite cozy spot ready to soak in the silence…I found anything but that.  If it wasn’t the crows cawing, the neighbor’s dogs barking, or my phone ringing, I found no relief.  I was just about ready to get up and do something else when it happened…it was amazing…it was perfectly silent.  I quickly shut my eyes, took a deep breath and felt my heart rate slow…now perhaps I could hear from God.  The moment was fleeting as by the next series of breaths, I heard a familiar noise of an airplane.  You know, that thunderous roaring boom of an plane breaking the sound barrier.  But in my case, God was breaking my sound barrier so that I could be taught to hear Him be it quiet or be it noisy.

Now for a quick physics lesson of which I am completely unqualified to give but I will try…be easy on me.

A sound barrier is defined as:

  •  the apparent physical boundary (caused by a sudden increase in drag) preventing objects becoming supersonic. 

  In simplest terms, when a plane breaks this barrier, it creates a sonic boom, because it is traveling faster than the speed of sound. 

Drag is defined in many ways and can be used as a noun and a verb.  Alright, we all have probably thought that someone was a bit of a drag…that would be one usage of the noun. 

Another definition is: 

  •  Hindrance, someone or something that slows down physical movement or progress in an area or activity.
    As related to aviation, resistance to motion. 

If I look at God as an airplane…being very mighty and powerful…I on the other hand could be described as the drag.  Being human and having a sin nature definitely is a hindrance, an obstacle.  Doing things my way instead God’s  way can also cause a huge resistance to motion and ultimately slows down my growth. My lack of belief or my fear can also become a physical boundary against what God desires to do in my life.

Is it possible that sometimes God must exert so much force against my resistance to get my attention?  When a plane breaks the sound barrier, the force (speed) is so great that the sound waves can’t get out of the way fast enough so they collect…causing the audible sound that we all recognize immediately.

I thought that the collection of sound in my life was too much to handle and definitely too much to be able to hear from the Lord.  I also found myself falling into the pattern of believing that if I couldn’t see evidence with my own eyes…nothing was happening and God was not moving.

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him.”
                                                          II Chronicles 16: 9

One does not have to look up to know that a plane is passing overhead.  I need to remember that God is with me and for me in the chaos of crazy days as well as silent nights. I need to relax my expectations and rest in Him regardless of my situation.  Resting in the truth that if God is for me, who or what can be against me! 

There will be days that I can’t hear anything be it quiet or loud.  There will be days that I can’t hold anything tangible in my hands.  And there definitely will be those days that I can’t see beyond my nose.  But…

God is there… breaking through the silence, crashing through any resistance I could thrust at Him, the sure and steady pulse amidst the cranked up volume and the invisible thread that is assembling my life together…piece by piece. 

Father, thank you for reminding me yet again that my vision is so obscured and my hearing needs to be tuned up.  Thank you that you are omnipresent in my days as well as my life.  Help me to trust You when life doesn’t seem to be as smooth and quiet as I would like…I stand in awe of this world that I live in and that not anything, not even a plane breaking the sound barrier can adequately describe the fullness of Who You Are and What You Have Done for me…words just don’t really come close…so all I can do is give You my life once again…because You know best.   And I can’t believe I am saying this but thank you for all the noises that allowed me to hear You!    Amen! 

2 thoughts on “GOD’S SOUND BARRIER

  1. Dear friend,
    i woke up angry and frustrated. I have been trying to quiet myself to hear from the Lord, but not doing to well. so i thought hey lets go check out helen’s blog and see what she is getting from the Lord.
    I loved this piece!!!!!! I am just amazed at the gift of God in you. Thanks so much for sharing your heart it really ministered to me this morning.
    my life feels like a sonic boom these days with so many voices trying to crowd out the voice of God. Your piece put me in the right direction again and gave me hope. Bless you dear friend. KZ


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