Powerful Exercise…

Powerful Exercise…

Tonight I attended a meeting at Courtney’s school for 8th grade parents and students.  Both Carlen and Courtney have attended the same middle school with an environmental focus.  It consists of 3 years of curriculum and the 8th grade year culminates the 3 year focus…ending their time in May with a 5 day trip to Catalina Island in Southern California. But before they get to the fun…they will be doing large service projects, completing a portfolio of their time at the school, giving a speech to the student body that will  define who they believe they are as well as encompass their own ethical statement and much more…it will be a growing year to say the least. 

The school principal began the meeting by having each student and parent(s) complete a poem.  The student from the perspective of being the child of…and the parent from the perspective of being the parent of…

After a few minutes, we were then instructed to read our poems to each other.  Immediately, Courtney knew that she should have had Carl accompany her as my eyes welled up with tears and she sighed, “Oh Mom, I knew you were going to cry!” She read her poem to me and I choked through reading my poem to her.  We later had the opportunity to share our poems with the large group as well…let’s just say, I was not the only weepy parent.  It was truly a powerful experience. Once we returned home, Carl was relieved that he had been spared the “touchy feely” activity.

I am including the exercise for you.  It could be a great family time exercise.  If your children are not old enough yet, then tuck it aside until a time when they can answer these questions. Or use the format as a springboard and use different words…make it your own.  There is something powerful in speaking these words out loud to each other…I hope you will be touched as well.


I am the parent of __________________________

I honor the things he/she has taught me
_____________________, ________________________and ___________________

I want him/her to know I ________________________________

I promise__________________________________________

I care about___________________________________________

I worry about ____________________________________________

I am the parent of _______________________________________

I wonder_____________________________________________________


I am the child of ______________________ and _________________________

I honor the things they have taught me
_______________________, _________________________and ___________________

I want them to know_______________________________________________

I promise______________________________________________________

I care about ______________________________________________________

I worry about ______________________________________________________

I am the child of __________________________ and _________________________

I wonder _______________________________________________________________

One thought on “Powerful Exercise…

  1. Helen,
    I’ve read this particular entry a few times and I am definitely going to do this exercise with my two little ones. A growing experience, I’m sure and I know I’ll get teary eyed as well. Thanks for encouraging me to grow within myself but more importantly to grow with Our One and Only, Lord Almighty. I love you. Maria


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