• Husband (1) Carl
  • Daughters (2) Carlen Amanda and Courtney Anne
  • Son (1) Caleb Joseph
  • Dog (1) Hazel
  • It’s a tie…NIV Study Bible and the Amplified Version
  • Dictionaries…you will learn this soon if you don’t already know this factoid about me
  • My new electronic dictionary/thesaurus…too cool!
  • Sunsets
  • The Ocean
  • Root Beer Floats
  • Blueberries
  • Solitude

This list will be updated on a regular basis…just a few teasers for now!

  • Akeelah and the Bee….love it…love it…love it
  • The Up Series (British documentary that follows  14 children from the age of seven and checks in with them every seven years to see “where they are”…fascinating…the girls and I have loved watching them and have great post-film conversations…we are on 42 Up now…available through Netflix (Thanks Paige for introducing me years ago)
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy…why can’t there be more?
  • In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart: Hope for the Hurting by Ruth Graham (daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham)…she has had her share of hardship…I love how this book is written, part Bible teaching, part openness of her personal struggles, part guidance if you are hurting and lastly assistance in helping someone who you know is hurting…all bases are covered in this book. 
  • Goldy’s Crab and Artichoke Spreadable Cheese…YUM!  (Thanks Pam Davis…you are a rockin’ hostess)
  • The Ab Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide by David Zinczenko…I have boycotted dieting but this little book has the best and easiest recipes and more importantly there are no leftovers because my whole family has devoured them…and it is healthy…what could be better?! The names of the recipes are really fun to read as well…
  • Kodak Picture Maker…I love the affordability and ease of making enlargements, extra wallets of school pictures and even making photos black and white plus you can do some cropping as well and there are more features that I haven’t even begun to use!

Until later…share a favorite you have uncovered!

  • Trader Joe’s Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal…how can you beat a piping hot bowl of steel cut made in 5 minutes?!
  • Tostito’s Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips…I am trying to be good!
  • Bath and Body Works Lay It On Thick Body Cream.
  • Bath and Body Works I Love Shea Foot Cream
    (Thank you Carl!)
  • Facing the Giants-good movie with a great message!
  • Salvador’s Dismiss The Mystery CD…makes me want to dance and boy, do my girls hope the mood passes quickly.
  • Crystal Lewis’s SEE CD
  • Okay, I will even admit that one of the best house cleaning CD’s is Riverdance…laugh if you want…but it is true…I figure if those girls can move their feet and legs that fast, I can surely mop a floor in no time flat!

3 thoughts on “Faves

  1. people who smile when they say hello
    robins eggs malted milk balls at Easter
    the sound of rain on my roof
    daffadils & daisies
    planting a garden
    the smell of cinnamon rolls baking
    office supply stores – just to explore
    the feel of fabrics
    the feel and smell of a brand new Bible
    old hymnbooks
    seeing elderly couples holding hands
    seeing my husband catch my eye across a crowded room
    military jets
    old photo albums
    hot chocolate with peppermint
    seeing my kids laugh really hard
    my precious friend, Helen


  2. A Few Favorites:
    Dutch Brothers – Kahlua Kicker (Yum!)
    Movie – Father of the Bride
    Fresh flowers
    The smell and atmosphere of Thanksgiving day
    Sunrises (I see far too few) and also sleeping in…is there a conflict here?
    Candle light on the dinner table
    Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
    Sudoku Puzzles
    Watching my garden grow
    Zinnias! lots and lots of zinnias!


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